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  1. I am on the "checkout_success.php" page and the actual code in the address bar on the page is: "“https://celebrations-giftbaskets.c8.ixwebhosting.com/oscommerce2/catalog/checkout_success.php?osCsid=vpootfuo2thm4ghs2c8fb93jg0” when I get the 404 error page, the contents of the address bar on that page is: “https://celebrations-giftbaskets.c8.ixwebhosting.com/oscommerce2/catalog//oscommerce2/catalog/index.php?action=notify&notify[]=&osCsid=vpootfuo2thm4ghs2c8fb93jg0” I am trying to figure out how to set the "continue" button to storefront page.
  2. I am testing my cart with the Paypal sandbox. I submit a purchase and it is accepted and approved. when I get back the thank you screen with the continue button on the page to return from the checkout and back to the main store page. I press the "continue" button and get a 404 error - not found screen. this information is in the address bar: https://celebrations-giftbaskets.c8.ixwebho...tify&notify[]=&osCsid=61v0uhrk4djhiavaps3porv3j5 I don't understand the "action=" information and don't know how to solve this problem to determine where the error lies. does anyone have a technique to help me solve this problem
  3. I am a first-time oscommerce user and need help. I want to change the home page of my store. I have successfully removed the right column, changed the left column, changed the header information and images, and changed the colors. Now I want to change the central portion of the home page to add flash content and other items and text to the central content area - what file do I go to and how do I make the changes? I've searched the forum and the knowledgebase, but haven't found an answer. I have gone to the "catalog/admin/tools/define language/index.php", on my download, and the module seems to be a series of defines, but I don't see where I can make changes to the content and have it affect the home page. can someone point me to where I make the home page changes.