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  1. That is what I see...they always seem to be right behind a true MSN bot. Thanks for your input!
  2. Thanks for the reply, Glen! My main concern is their indexing pages with session ID's. If you don't think this will happen, I won't worry about them.
  3. I am having a problem that just arose yesterday and continues today (my store has been up and running for months). I have MSN bots showing up as a guest and gaining a session. I have written down their IP addresses and want to put them in whatever file I need to in order to block them from getting a session, but I don't know where. Do I place them in the spider.txt file? If so, do I just place the IP address in there? I already have msnbot listed but they're still getting through. :(
  4. I have a strange question...I'm asking here because I have this contrib installed and I know Jack is very smart. :) I am in the midst of creating a Google Toolbar button that allows people to search my site for something they have already searched elsewhere on the web for. I have everything set up except the search part...I don't know how it should look (btw - it is contained in an xml file). Right now I have it as: <search charset="iso-8859-1">{query}&pfrom=&pto=&categories_id=&x=0&y=0</search> The query part is then replaced (by Google) by the keywords entered in the original search. (All of the &'s were replaced with &'s as required when using XML) When I use this button, however, nothing is searched/returned - you are just taken to catalog/index.php. So I am wondering if I'm even putting the correct stuff there to do a search on my site. I know this post could be a long shot, but I have no idea how search works. TIA UPDATE: Never's an IE problem. It's working fine in Firefox.
  5. It's the Paypal Direct Payment (the last one). And it's not a retarded question...It took me a while to figure it out, too! :)
  6. Did you double check your configure files to make sure the paths are correct (I would assume so since this seems to be the only thing not getting the path right)? That is where you should start. You may want to post it here (without the login info) so someone could take a look at it. ***sniped by Glen*** :)
  7. Gotcha! It's still in there'll have to find out where it's still calling for the 'catalog' even though you don't use it. Sorry I can't help you with the harder part. :(
  8. It's not finding your 'catalog' before it gets to the 'admin' part of your URL. Check your configure file settings (and/or the URL setting in the program). also... What are the permissions set to on your catalog/images directory?
  9. Here's what I changed in my code to get the admin to work as far as turning off the column box. In catalog/includes/column_right.php (or column_left.php in my case - where ever you placed the box) find // Start recently_viewed if (SHOW_RECENTLY_VIEWED_COLUMN_BOX && basename ($PHP_SELF) != FILENAME_RECENTLY_VIEWED) { require_once (DIR_WS_BOXES . 'recently_viewed.php'); and change it to // Start recently_viewed if (SHOW_RECENTLY_VIEWED_COLUMN_BOX == 'True' && basename ($PHP_SELF) != FILENAME_RECENTLY_VIEWED) { require_once (DIR_WS_BOXES . 'recently_viewed.php'); I'm not a code writer, so I don't stand behind this, but it worked for me. The column box is gone, but after potting around looking at different items, the bottom box appears on my product pages.
  10. I just wanted to post here that the instructions are missing the part where you are to add a new file (recently_viewed.php) to the catalog/includes/modules folder. Make sure you move the one that is in that location in the installation folder (as there is another in catalog/). Also, I am another who would like to be able to turn off the column box in admin instead of commenting it out in the column_right (or column_left) file. Thanks for this great contribution! :)
  11. I'm with Rob - I use that feature a lot! :) Here's my issue. I had my first customer attempt to sign up (create an account) and they got an HTTP 500 error page when they hit the 'continue' button. Their account was created, however, they just didn't know it. I narrowed it down to this contribution. When I removed the UHTML parts from the create_account file, the sign-up goes as expected. What could be causing the problem? Thanks!
  12. I have two questions. Should I be using version 1.21 or should I be using 1.20? Also, in the googlefeeder.php file where you say to put the full path to the $OutFile - does it need the absolute path or just the http:// path? Thanks!
  13. You lost me here, so I googled 'php debug'...should I have a program to debug php? Sorry for sounding like an idiot, but I'm new to this. :blink: And it reminds me that another contrib I had installed (Paypal) was supposed to debug itself (during the testing stage) and send me e-mails with any errors...I never received any e-mails.
  14. Yes, that line is uncommented. :( I've tried running this in IE and in Firefox, but get the same results (I tried it in FF because sometimes IE does wierd stuff).
  15. This worked - I am only getting the last category in the tree now for each product. However, if Google is allowing the full tree these days, I will revert it back to the original code. I uninstalled the 1.25 version and installled the 1.21 version. When I visit admin and click Feeder Systems in the menu, it opens to (in the main page): "Google Base / Froogle: Google Base / Froogle" (with the last part being clickable) When I click on the last 'Google Base / Froogle' it opens a new window which says "File completed: 'myfile' " and then I get nothing else. I just noticed something else. When I click on the Feeder Systems in the menu, it opens a sub-menu below it which also says "Google Base / Froogle" which, when clicked, also opens a new window that only states that the 'file completed: myfile' - with nothing else. PS - There is no file uploaded to GoogleBase.