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  1. I'm searching for this also; If I can't find anything I'll try to sort it out and maybe release it as a contrib, but I can't promise anything. Did you resolve this end? Cheers -R
  2. That's brilliant, not sure how I missed that one. Many thanks for the continued support on this amazing contribution Tom! -R
  3. Apologies for double post. I've just had a look at the Protx Direct module installed on a vanilla oscommerce... I still can't see anything in the admin section to allow me to refund within the admin area. It's really important for me to be able to do this but I'm increasingly starting to think I imagined ever seeing the options. It might hvae just been a very long day and i can't see the option for looking, but if it's not there does anyone know of an additional contribution that would provide this? Many thanks for any help -R
  4. Hi guys, Bit of a basic question here regarding Refunds. I've been developing this cart for quite some time and it's just about to go live, so I've been testing the payment procedure. For the life of me, I can't find anywhere in the admin section that deals with refunds and yet I'm sure that i've seen it there before. Am I going mad? I thought you could refund an order in the Oscommerce admin section using this rather fantastic contribution. Yet all I can see in the orders window is invoice, packing slip and a place where I can set the status of an order to prending, processing or delivered. I'm using a modified version of the Oscommece-wai version 6.24 from I've not edited the admin files but this does change things quite drastically in the admin area, could this have removed the relevant sections? If so, I'll try to mash something together from the vanilla oscommerce, but I just wanted to check what I'm trying to do is possible first! cheers R
  5. Well that was slightly embarrassing. After resorting to pestering on the forum, I fixed it a few minutes later. Still not quite sure how it came about in the first place, since it spontaneously took issue with something I hadn’t changed for days, but that’s the nature of the css beast I suppose! Just for future reference for those suffering a similar problem: mine seems to have been caused by a style in my main stylesheet called “content”. When my template was defining a <div> with the id=”content” it got in the way of the ProtX Direct thickbox.css. Switching the div to ID to a class (which it should have been in the first place really, <div class=”content”>) has solved the problem. Cheers! Rory
  6. I've been doing my best to not post asking for troubleshooting advice until I'd managed to help contribute in the slightest on the forum, but today I've had to admit defeat... :( :) Apologies for the life story below, I'm just trying to include as much info in this vague issue as I can! I'm having a few problems with the protx_process_win popup. I've installed Protx Direct v5 (fantastic contribution by the way, thanks!) and after a bit of persuasion I got it to work together with a tableless shop based on this contribution, without any errors. A few hours later I managed to break it by doing -something- to my code. Specifically, the CVS help pop up and Protx_process_win popup were no longer functioning. I tracked it down to it being a problem with how my stylesheets and javascript files were being included, which perplexed me greatly as I hadn't done anything to them in the intervening time. Anyway, sorting out my stylesheets and javascript file links solved the problem with the CVS pop-up, but the protx_process_win popup currently displays some strange behaviour. When I click on the link, the screen dims as usual but only a link saying, "click to close this window" appears. The actual content of protx_process appears behind the template on my template. This problem does not appear with the standard checkout_confirmation.php that comes with the Protx Direct 5.0 contribution, so it leads me to believe it's something to do with either the css styles defined for other parts of the page or perhaps a doctype validation problem. However, after many, many hours and lots of caffeine, I'm completely stumped as what is causing it. Has anyone had any issues similar to this? If so, does anyone have any idea on what might be causing the problem? I know it's something to do with what I've coded rather than a bug with the contribution but I'm at a loss! Apologies once again for how vague this problem is. Thanks for your time and for any suggestions! Cheers Rory