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  1. Thank you for the response, Spooks. Yes, I have pretty much come to the conclusion that template monster is not the direction that I want to go. While I am confident that I could figure out STS or BTS in time, time is now of the essense for me and I really don't have the time to deal with the learning curve. I am just looking for a template site that is built upon one of these add-ons that I can get installed by a contract programmer. I can take over the long-term maintenance and tweaking of the site after that, but I just need to get my site up, running and pretty in short order. Thanks for your input!
  2. I have installed a working version of oscommerce, but my partner wants it to be alot "prettier". I really don't have the time to install and learn STS and am at the point where I just want to pay to have it done... I've checked out templatemonseter to see what they offer and found several templates that would work. After coming back here and reading reviews on templatemonster quality, I am sufficiently scared off now. I've contacted an osCommerce programmer that I found over the internet, and he said to find templates that are based on BTS. I've been googling BTS osCommerce templates and coming up empty.... Does anyone know any good sites with good templates that are based on BTS that they could recommend? Thanks!
  3. I have just installed this contribution and it is working quite well. However, I do have one question. If someone makes a purchase without setting up an account (i.e makes a "guest" purchase), is it possible for him to get back to the download link after he leaves the site? In my testing, I made such a purchase and left the site. I then went back to my email that was sent and clicked on the link. The link took me to the account sign-on screen. Well, since there was no accouunt, I was not able to get back to the download link. I was thinking of bypassing the sign-in page in these situations, but then anybody would be able to get to the invoices. I didn't think that that was a great option. If this is an issue that has been addressed before, I apologize. I tried to scan the forums and was not able to find a reference to it. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas, I would appreciate hearing them! Thanks! Moez
  4. Thanks! I'll take a look.
  5. I hope that this is not a dumb request.... but, what the heck - I have to admit to not being very bright when it comes to this... I have installed this contribution and it has already helped me quite a bit. However, right now I am trying to determine logical errors. For example, I am tring to install paypal IPN and the orders are double posting on my orders table. With this, I am trying to see exactly which module is processing a given query (i.e. is it happening in checkout_confirmation.php, orders.php, general.php, etc.). I can see that all of these queries are occuring, but I'm having difficulty zeroing in on my culprit modules. Is it possible to add a line that would show the calling module (and ideally the line) where things are happening? If so, can you give me some idea of how to do it? Thanks!
  6. Does anyone have any ideas how the flow is supposed to work? For example, which module is supposed to initially update the orders table; which one is responsible for coming back and updating it with the new status after a sucessful paypal payment; etc....? If you have any insight into this, I would really appreciate hearing it. Thanks!
  7. OK.... so, I've been digging around. But, it would help if I could determine what is supposed to be happening. I can see where a record gets added to the orders table when I click the "submit" button on the Payment Information screen (checkout_payment.php) and go to the checkout_confirmation.php module. That one gets assigned an order_id of 1. Then, I click on "confirm order" and get taken into Paypal - still only one record on the database. When I click on the "pay now" button in paypal, I see where checkout_process.php is writing the identical order with an order_id of 2 to the orders table. Should one of these writes to the table not be taking place? Or, should the second one be just trying to update the payment status of the first? I think I can track it if I have an idea of what it is trying to do. Thanks!
  8. That was actually really helpful. As of my posting, I didn't even have a clue where to begin looking.... I will now dive into checkout_confirmation.php and see where I am going wrong. Thank you very much for the tip!
  9. I have installed this contribution, but I can't quite seem to get it all figured out. When I process the initial transaction and transfer to Paypal, I can see where an order is being created in my orders list - say order #190 for .01 in "preparing [paypal ipn] status. Then, I walk through the Paypal screens and when I click on the "confirm order" button in Paypal, a new order record is generated for me - order #191 fo .01. Everything about order #191 is identical to #190 including the preparing status. If anyone has any ideas about what might be happening, or even thoughts about where I can begin looking, I would really appreciate it. I'm really pulling my hair out, and I really don't have that much more to spare! Thanks!
  10. Unfortunately, I'm not much of a PHP programmer... so, this may be a dumb question. Is there any way to make this compatable with PHP 4.xx? Thanks!
  11. Thanks Patrick! Those are some terrific sources. I think they'll really help a lot! Thanks again for all of your suggestions! Moez
  12. Well, I may have been a little premature in my excitement. When I changed the charset in the <head> tag in the BASIC modules, everything worked OK. But, when I did that to the green or the stripes modules... it still did not work. Well, it worked, but only to my email accounts that are housed on my hosts server ( So, I still have to play with it a bit to find out which bit of HTML is making the tep_mail function unhappy. I think however, I'm just going to start slowly building on to the basic modules until I can get them looking the way I like (since, they're already working). Anyway, thank you very much for your helpful advice, Patrick. I think I may just decide to be fat, dumb and happy and decide not to pursue this a whole lot more if I can get those basic modules up and running. Thanks again! Moez
  13. OK.... Now I'm really stumped. This is the thread for , right? I just re-checked the contribution package and they are all charset=iso-8859 way back to the beginning. That said, when I changed it to UTF-8, everything worked like a charm.... What am I missing? Am I in the wrong place?
  14. OK.... last update. Toss away all of the other stuff that I was saying. When I removed the following <head> line from password_forgotten.php: <head><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"></head> everything started working.... Does anyone have any ideas why that would be the case? I'm just afraid that I fixed one thing and broke something else. Thanks, Moez
  15. OK... an interesting little bit of news. I came across the following thread: In it, Jason said the following: Well, I tried his suggestion and found that that is indeed my problem. When I try to send the email to one on my own server - I get the email to go through just fine. However, to my home email address.... no good. I tried to make the change that he suggested, but it still did not cure my problem. Does his solution make sense to you? Can you think of anything else that I may be able to do along those lines that might cure my problem? Thanks, Moez