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  1. Sorry the previous post got really messed up because of the quotes for some reason. The answer to the first part was that Delphi is a Windows only solution. I need a solution that works cross-platform without plugins. One of the biggest problems with Java is that it is not a 100% standard on any platform
  2. It's an open source project? Can i download something? I'm very interested :!: It will be open source because it is based on the same classes and functions within OSC now. Right now it is in the early development stages and I hope to have the first version of "OSC Shopkeeper" available sometime in August. This version will be designed to run in a web browser but will act like a standard GUI application with easier maintanence and a lot of new features (manual orders, a POS mode, multiple admins, messaging between admins, webmail, built-in WYSIWYG editor for descriptions, reviews, and more)..
  3. Looks similar to what I have been working on. My project is completely in PHP and generated HTML though with an eventual goal of a PHP-GTK application. Never really liked Java so have never learned it.
  4. Wayne Luke

    Verified By Visa?

    Well when I looked, I couldn't really find anything about developing for it on the Visa website.
  5. Wayne Luke

    Verified By Visa?

    No, he means the "Verified by Visa" program. It is much more than using CVV and would eliminate fraud for Visa Card Holders for the most part... The card holder assigns a password to the their card. Then when they shop at an online store that supports Verified by Visa, it checks the password before the card is charged. http://usa.visa.com/personal/secure_with_v...ed_by_visa.html And no, OSC doesn't support this at this time.
  6. Loaded5 is based off of a Feb release of OSC. Since then, there have been lots of changes. With all of the editing, I gave up, with the hope that I could migrate some of the features from there to this code. Hopefully that is the easier route. If Loaded 5 is based off a February release, then this is not compatible. Linda has specified that it requires at least the March-24th CVS version of OSC.
  7. Same here. Took me about 25 minutes or so to install it all but it works just fine on the 5/19/03 snapshot....
  8. I have the 19-05-2003 snapshot if you want it. I can upload it but it is what is available here as well. Looking at the commits list, the changes from 05-18-2003 and current shouldn't stop you from integrating this if you use Beyond Compare to double check things.
  9. The quote above can also be seen directly at the top of the forum FAQ by clicking on the FAQ / Rules link in the header of every page or on this link - http://forums.oscommerce.com/faq.php
  10. This contribution is also available at www.metaquark.com/metacommerce/contributions/. For those interested in obtaining it without releasing personal information.
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    Not everyone knows how to make simple stylesheet changes so if someone makes them available to others, it helps people out. I believe that was the point of the original post. As the Web matures, more and more people that know nothing about HTML, CSS, PHP or any other technology are creating sites. This helps those people create a semi-unique website.
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    They are just color changes of the default stylesheet. Which is distributed under the GPL. If you got a program like Topstyle Pro 3.1, you could make the same modification of your own in about 5 minutes. They didn't even make the graphics which were previously released under GPL. Even if they were going to sell them, anyone who purchased them would be able to redistribute them how they please, even for free, under the GPL license.
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    Go to the demo site then load the actual CSS file in your browser. For example to get the style for Paris - Red, go to this link: http://shop.multiservis.net/includes/theme.../stylesheet.css If you view the source of the color style you like, you can figure out how to get the CSS file. All the images can be found at: http://www.elbavarowebdesign.de/osc/catalo...ogue_button.htm Enjoy.
  14. Wow.. Looks great. I think I am going to work to incorporate this into my store as well.
  15. Wayne Luke

    Quick_update_v1.4b problem

    Yes, something like mugitty is suggesting is definately needed... Imagine a bookstore with 35,000+ items(like the current site I am building), or an auto parts store with 100,000's of items being updated (like the next site I am building).
  16. Wayne Luke

    OrderCheck v1.2 Released!

    Interesting. I will have to investigate adding it to my shop.
  17. Wayne Luke

    [Contribution] Would you be interested?

    Since, I am rewriting the OSC Admin Tool to work more like a standard desktop application and provide a standardized (Windows-Based) environment for sales and order management that includes online, manually entered and retail store sales, this would be a very interesting contribution. Just have a couple of questions though. Does this use an industry standard barcode specification so that it can be utilized with barcode readers commonly found in retail sales today. And how hard do you think it would be to integrate the barcode functionality with product management so that labels could be printed for inventory purposes?
  18. I am in the process of moving servers right now, but I will see if I can put something up for download next week if that helps. It will probably be based off of Loaded 5 which I made the original modifications on but since then I have switched back to MS1 so I can control what contributions I have and keep detailed records of what they change in what files.
  19. I was actually working on something kind of based off of the Thema contribution. I found it lacking in a lot of ways. Basically, the look and feel can be handled by four files without any modification to anything else. What I did is take all the stuff between <head> and </head> and put it in a file called headinclude.php. I removed the code for the left column from each file and added it to the bottom of the header. I put the code that calls the right column in the footer.php file. The fourth file is stylesheet.css. Finally, I put all of this in a new directory called "styles" which contains a subdirectory for each different style you want to implement and those contain directories for language dependant images... So the whole layout looks something like: catalog -- includes ---- styles ------ style_a -------- images ----------- english ----------- spanish ----------- german ------ style_b -------- images ----------- english ----------- spanish ----------- german ------ style_c -------- images ----------- english ----------- spanish ----------- german I had it basically working but had to stop working on it and it is definately not worthy for contribution yet, especially since the styles were to be assigned to categories for a multiple store look and OSC doesn't support cascading properties on categories. This was only a stopgap measure though as I would like to implement Smarty templates for the whole system., The only thing putting me off on this is MS3. I want to see how the core team does it and if it is efficient. I have also been busy completely rewriting the admin control panel so that it can work in a variety of settings and allow quick sales entry from phone in order and it can work as a POS. I am also making the control panel look and feel more like a standard desktop application so my partners will feel more at home using it.
  20. Wayne Luke

    OrderCheck v1.1 released

    A link would probably help its popularity. With no search functionality in the contributions section, it gets to be time consuming to go look for these things.
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    Well Internet Explorer 6.0 comprises about 90% of the market according to the latest stats provided by companies like Webtrends, WebsideStory and A.C. Neilsen.
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    It does? AOL uses the latest version of the Internet Explorer Engine installed by the person's operating system. In Windows XP, that would be Internet Explorer 6.0 obviously not an old and antiquated browser. Most likely all that needs to be done is to add another check to the identification string. The best place to get an answer for this would be at www.dhtmlcentral.com where the Coolmenu script originates from.
  24. Wayne Luke

    Kill Sid or not?

    There are 437 entries in that array. Which probably amounts to 1/5th of the known spiders out there and probably 1/100th of unknown spiders. However, that isn't my concern. My concern is on how processing this array affects the speed of the site. You are processing this array on every single link that is generated on the page. So as the list grows and grows, it will eat more and more resources. Not only memory which can't be avoided but processing time as well. Wouldn't it be more prudent to do this once per page and to set a flag that can be passed to the functions it is needed in in order to reduce the processing time needed? On a busy site, I can see this one thing dragging a site to its knees. An even better solution, I think is Ian's implementation where you don't get a sessionid until you put something in the cart. If you make all the links that put something into the cart, form actions then the spiders won't trigger a sessionid to begin with. And since you don't need it until you actually put something in the cart, there is little to no processing overhead or memory requirements.
  25. Wayne Luke

    FedEx Shipping Module

    There used to be a FEDEX module that used the site to calculate shipping fees. However, about 6 months ago, FEDEX changed their website and eliminated the API's that made OSC capable of connecting and calculating shipping. The new system recommended by Fedex required to much setup as well as new server configurations so the module was dropped until further notice.