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  1. attitudenz

    Simple Manual Order

    Geoff from Attitude here. We have received quite a few "thanks yous" - so there are a few people using this without issue. I think your issues will be related to web server support for the authentication system we borrowed from another contribution (?Admin Authentication for 2.2? by Bao Quoc Nguyen) which uses HTTP authentication via PHP_AUTH_USER. There are server specific issues related to this form of authentication documented on the PHP.net site (running PHP as a CGI or some servers running IIS). The contribution clearly states that security/authentication is up to the store owner. Anyone having problems contact me direct - we will look at any issues and come up with a solution for authentication that overcomes any major issues. We will also implement some other enhancements we have made but not released. We will post here when the new version is released.
  2. attitudenz

    Contribution Request: Manual Order Entry

    I have put together a Simple Manual Order Entry mod. If anyone wants to test this and give me some feedback on the functionality and documentation before I submit it as a contribution that would be great. "Simple Manual Order Entry" allows the manual entry of telephone or mail order entries into your osCommerce store. It provides for both the searching of existing customers (by surname, phone number, or email) and also a link to facilitate adding a new customer. Once the desired customer has been located or added you can enter the products into that customers shopping cart and go through the checkout process for them - effectively entering an order for them. See here for details: http://watch.oscommerce.co.nz/buzz.php?buzz_id=90