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    Google Checkout Problem

    i too am having problems i simply want google to show my table shipping rate based on weight all i want is a flat basic handling fee and the the additional shipping costs besd on the total weight of order but google only displays the handling fee and does not add the rest of the shipping cost i too have tried generating code and adding to the php files but all i want is for google to show the weight calculations that are added in the table in the same place i must define the handling fee i cannot see why this is so difficult as it is supposed to support table rate
  2. franktrades

    Offical Google Checkout module for osCommerce Support Thread

    i have set up google checkout with website and set up a weight table, when you go to to the regular payment it will display the correct shipping, but if a buyer decides to use google checkout it only displays the handling fee from the table and does not display the calculation from the weight attributes of the items selected, using the table rate basically if i have a handling fee of 3.00 and with items weight the additional postage is 5.00 which will give a total shipping price of 8.00 regular shipping displays 8.00 but google checkout only displays the 3.00 at present the table is set at: 25:3,50:10,100:15,500:50 with handling fee of 3.00 i want shipping set the same for worldwide locations but need the weight to be calculated correctly also i think it may be adding the amounts from weights of each item rather than totaling the weight first then using table format to calculate the extra cost i have tried numerous ways to try and calculate them but to no avail everytime i try to check with google checkout it simply adds the handling fee only and does not match the regular payment methods shipping the website is www.franktrades.com (to see what i mean add micro sd cards to cart and see shipping totals differ when continuing with regular payment and when selecting google) any help would be greatly appreciated