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  1. greree

    Downloads question!

    I never thought of that. Thanks for the heads up. You might want to send a PM to Linda and ask her about it. Please let me know what you come up with.
  2. greree

    Downloads question!

    Could you explain this in a little more detail? I'm working on a site thet sells downloads and I've never heard of this problem. You also might want to talk to Linda McGrath a.k.a Ajeh. She's the resident expert on downloads.
  3. greree

    download tracking?

    Something like that would be useful for my cart, too. I'll write it tomorrow (Sunday) and post it to this thread.
  4. greree

    download tracking?

    Total downloads per customer or the number of downloads per product? I haven't seen a contribution that does this but it wouldn't be hard to write one.
  5. greree

    Poll Booth - Comments?

    According to the author of Poll Booth, he started on the "add comments" functionality, but never finished it. So comments doesn't work.
  6. greree

    Download Controller problem

    Oh, one more thing. The download doesn't kick in. You have to click on the link at the bottom of the page (checkout_success.php, I think) to start the download. Click on the product name.
  7. greree

    Download Controller problem

    Make sure the Order Status is set properly.
  8. greree

    Account signup management Error

    Account Signup Management was written 8 months ago using a snapshot from over a year ago. The code has changed so much that it won't work anymore. And I don't think it worked even when it was current. Some people have managed to tweak it enough to get rid of the errors, but it doesn't store information correctly. For instance, if you make it so Gender is optional rather than required, and the customer doesn't chose a gender, it'll fill in "Female" on everything. Go to Contributions and download "United States Format". It doesn't do exactly what you want but it'll steer you in the right direction.
  9. greree

    DownLoads Controller v5.3 Problem

    Downloads Controller does several things. One, osCommerce will allow you to download the file without paying for it. DC stops this from happening. DC will also allow you to reset the number of downloads. If a customer uses up all his downloads but wasn't successful in downloading the file, you can set it back to 5 downloads without reentering the sale. You can also have free downloads. osCommerce makes you charge $0.00 for the download and takes you through the payment process. It also does a couple of other things that I don't use.
  10. It's kinda slow this time of night. On the East Coast of U.S. it's 3:45 am. Be patient waiting for an answer.
  11. Oh, yeah. You told me that on Thursday. I guess lack of sleep is starting to affect me.
  12. I installed Downloads Controller. I went to Admin.....Localization.....Orders Status. I changed "Delivered" to "Available For Download". I added a fourth order status, "Shipped", and a fifth, "Updated". I went to the database and looked at Order Status. They were appropriately numbered, 1 to 5. Then I went to Admin.....Configuration.....Download. I changed Downloads Controller Update Status Value from 4 to 5, and Downloads Controller Order Status Value from 2 to 3. What I need to do now is assign a default value for each payment method. If someone pays by check or money order, their order status is set to 1, or Pending. When I receive the check, I set it to 2, or Processing. When the check clears, I set it to 3, or Available For Download. If it's a mailed package, I set it to 4, or Shipped. If someone pays by any of the gateways, the default value should be 3, and their product should immediately be available for download. This was easy to do in earlier versions of Downloads Controller. All I need to do was make a few changes in two files. I can't figure out how to do it with the later versions. Any ideas?
  13. I want to change the DEFAULT_ORDERS_STATUS_ID for some of the payment methods. For instance, the DEFAULT_ORDERS_STATUS_ID for pm2checkout is "2". I want to change that to "3". With v5.0 and before all I had to do is edit /catalog/includes/languages/english/downloads_controller.php. In v5.3 that file isn't there, and I can't see any other way to change it. Any ideas?
  14. greree

    Upcoming Products modification

    OK, I figured it out. I deleted this from the code I posted above: echo '<tr class="upcomingProducts-even">' . "n"; } else { Now it works in both MSIE and Netscape. I don't know why that did it. Now I have to figure out how to keep a Coming Soon!!! product from showing up in New Products For [month] section.