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  1. astecme


    Does anyone know if the "old" notifications worked, I know you could request a notification but thats it. If it did work how? Thanks
  2. astecme

    PayPal App for osCommerce Online Merchant

    Yes and yes it is working and configured correctly. What I mentioned were exceptions not the rule. Apart from the order no check.
  3. astecme

    PayPal App for osCommerce Online Merchant

    Things that I see with paypal: 1. Customer arrives on paypal and then does not pay - order is created but no paypal info, still shows as pending! This I can cope with as I can see that there are no paypal entries. 2. Customer pays and then does something ???? resulting in a payment but no order, sometimes when checking baskets the stuff is in the basket. This I cannot cope with I get emails!!! 3. Duplicate order nos at paypal. Paypal checks the order no and there better not be a duplicate or it wont process properly at paypal. I learned this the hard way after my first upgrade. Now if Iupgrade the database I always increment the base order no by 100000. 4. And a little bit off piste BUT: its nice to have a permanent basket but I have hundreds in the database. We could actually do with something to clean them up after a specified time. e.g. not updated for 3 months
  4. astecme

    Date entered on product copy is wrong.

    Ecartz, Thanks Thats what it is supposed to do. I have now added a line prior to the insert $products_date_added = (date('Y-m-d')); and changed the Now() to "$products_date_added" that works as needed. Many thanks
  5. astecme

    Date entered on product copy is wrong.

    here is my code, I cannot see what can be wrong... if ($_POST['copy_as'] == 'link') { if ($categories_id != $current_category_id) { $check_query = tep_db_query("select count(*) as total from " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_TO_CATEGORIES . " where products_id = '" . (int)$products_id . "' and categories_id = '" . (int)$categories_id . "'"); $check = tep_db_fetch_array($check_query); if ($check['total'] < '1') { tep_db_query("insert into " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_TO_CATEGORIES . " (products_id, categories_id) values ('" . (int)$products_id . "', '" . (int)$categories_id . "')"); } } else { $messageStack->add_session(ERROR_CANNOT_LINK_TO_SAME_CATEGORY, 'error'); } } elseif ($_POST['copy_as'] == 'duplicate') { $product_query = tep_db_query("select products_quantity, products_model, products_image, products_price, products_cost, products_date_available, products_weight, products_tax_class_id, manufacturers_id, products_gtin from " . TABLE_PRODUCTS . " where products_id = '" . (int)$products_id . "'"); $product = tep_db_fetch_array($product_query); tep_db_query("insert into " . TABLE_PRODUCTS . " (products_quantity, products_model,products_image, products_price, products_cost, products_date_added, products_date_available, products_weight, products_status, products_tax_class_id, manufacturers_id, products_gtin) values ('" . tep_db_input($product['products_quantity']) . "', '" . tep_db_input($product['products_model']) . "', '" . tep_db_input($product['products_image']) . "', '" . tep_db_input($product['products_price']) . "' , '" . tep_db_input($product['products_cost']) . "', now(), " . (empty($product['products_date_available']) ? "null" : "'" . tep_db_input($product['products_date_available']) . "'") . ", '" . tep_db_input($product['products_weight']) . "', '0', '" . (int)$product['products_tax_class_id'] . "', '" . (int)$product['manufacturers_id'] . "', '" . tep_db_input($product['products_gtin']) . "')"); $dup_products_id = tep_db_insert_id(); $description_query = tep_db_query("select language_id, products_name, products_description, products_url, products_seo_title, products_seo_description, products_seo_keywords from " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_DESCRIPTION . " where products_id = '" . (int)$products_id . "'"); while ($description = tep_db_fetch_array($description_query)) { tep_db_query("insert into " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_DESCRIPTION . " (products_id, language_id, products_name, products_description, products_url, products_viewed, products_seo_title, products_seo_description, products_seo_keywords) values ('" . (int)$dup_products_id . "', '" . (int)$description['language_id'] . "', '" . tep_db_input($description['products_name']) . "', '" . tep_db_input($description['products_description']) . "', '" . tep_db_input($description['products_url']) . "', '0', '" . tep_db_input($description['products_seo_title']) . "', '" . tep_db_input($description['products_seo_description']) . "', '" . tep_db_input($description['products_seo_keywords']) . "')"); } $product_images_query = tep_db_query("select image, htmlcontent, sort_order from " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_IMAGES . " where products_id = '" . (int)$products_id . "'"); while ($product_images = tep_db_fetch_array($product_images_query)) { tep_db_query("insert into " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_IMAGES . " (products_id, image, htmlcontent, sort_order) values ('" . (int)$dup_products_id . "', '" . tep_db_input($product_images['image']) . "', '" . tep_db_input($product_images['htmlcontent']) . "', '" . tep_db_input($product_images['sort_order']) . "')"); } tep_db_query("insert into " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_TO_CATEGORIES . " (products_id, categories_id) values ('" . (int)$dup_products_id . "', '" . (int)$categories_id . "')"); $products_id = $dup_products_id; } Any help gratefully accepted!
  6. astecme

    Date entered on product copy is wrong.

    Thats possible as I have added some code so that I have a purchase price and also copy that across. I will check what I copied!
  7. Hi, Where I have products that are close to each other I have always used the copy as new product feature. I noticed tonight that Under Phoenix this copies the date entered across. I think it really ought to change it for the current time but... Anyone else see this "problem"? Also I tried to change the database to change the date enetered in the products table. The dtae changes but it seems to have no effect on the products when displayed. Anyone help with fixing this? Thanks Allan
  8. astecme

    Royal Mail shipping module

    Unused to use the available module from 7 years ago. It did stop working with one of the php upgrades which is a shame. The best thing about it was the max value on each type so for example a £40 purchase could be forced to recorded delivery...
  9. astecme

    Phoenix sendmail not working

    OK so first thanks for your patience! I have now found the problem. I always had a high regard for proof readers and this just adds to that. I should always remind myself to read whats on the page not what I thought I wrote. It was two problems originally but the latter masked the first after I thought I knew what was happening. Second point of note that alll testers will know... Do the whole test set again! Hands up it was a typo. a is so close to S on the keyboard and I have fat fingers sometimes.
  10. astecme

    phoenix version check

    Thanks, The cache directory setting obviously does not update from the config file.
  11. astecme

    Phoenix sendmail not working

    Thx and yes. Totally agree. The only changes I made were to the config file on the old shop. It seems that the front end shop user slide does not send the initial email on a placed order. When I cancelled one then that did email both customer and the "extra" emails. Sending a user an email from the admin end does not work either. This could be two separate problems or the same one. For the initial.order status the database has no update in order-status-history for the initial.pendimg status but the subsequent cancel is there. I thought that there was a flag somewhere to inform the customer but I cannot see it anywhere.
  12. The version check works fine and indicates the correct new version etc but the security checks script always says that no version check has been done for more than 30 days.
  13. astecme

    Phoenix sendmail not working

    Ah there is a twist that I missed! It is only the initial order emails that do not get sent. I placed an order for myself - no emails. cancelled the order via admin and bingo - email. I have checked the "new" database against the old and they are the same. Regards Allan
  14. astecme

    Phoenix sendmail not working

    If I log in as a customer and request a new password - that does work. Sorry but I am confused.