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  1. astecme

    App Store or Add-on Store or...?

  2. astecme

    Royal Mail shipping module

    Unused to use the available module from 7 years ago. It did stop working with one of the php upgrades which is a shame. The best thing about it was the max value on each type so for example a £40 purchase could be forced to recorded delivery...
  3. I have this as well. I have resent the ipn from PayPal to no avail. I sometimes also get payment and no order but the basket remains.
  4. astecme

    PAypal standard errors

    So, ALL MY FAULT! Capital letter in the paypal default email (something I never ever do and so read as normal) . There is so much in this set up and you have to be super careful with it all. Many thanks for all the support. One for the notes!
  5. astecme

    Paypal App (OSC 2.3.4)

    So I have paypal standard set up and 2.3BS OSC installed with paypal app. checked and re-checked everything is set correctly but every PS IPN return in the paypal log is red. I am using PHP 5.6 also. Any help would be much appreciated.
  6. astecme

    PAypal standard errors

    Sorry scratch that just had another one. this time all matches. The IPN in the log has the correct order no. Resending the IPN in both cases did not help.
  7. astecme

    PAypal standard errors

    Many thanks, I have that set now and that has indeed reduced the errors. It would seem that I get an error when the name of the person purchasing the item differs in some respect to the paypal account name, i.e. purchaser is wayne audley and the account is Joan audley, The first name in the recieved IPN is the joan. would this be a possibility?
  8. astecme

    PAypal standard errors

    Please note that I tried re-sending the IPN - which can be seen in the paypal log but still no joy. I am using the 2.3.4 BS version of OSC.
  9. astecme

    PAypal standard errors

    So, after everything I am still getting errors with the paypal app. I seem to have two distinct intermittent problems. 1. customer pays and the order remains as preparing paypal 2. Payment has been received but the items are still in the customer basket. Paypal has the order number but the order number does not exist on the database. Now I think 1. may be caused by 2 as the next order would seem to be the same order no - so paypal will say that the order has already been paid for. For this "order" there is a paypal log entry with notify_validate[iPN] which does contain all the items. I have PDT set up with a return address of order_process.php I have IPN set up with the same address. My PDT token is ok and does work ( with intermittent failures) I am using PHP at 5.6 and SQL at 5.5 Sorry but this is making me tear my hair out. Is there a transaction flow anywhere? Many thanks
  10. astecme

    Another problem with paypal

    So I am a little confused! In the fora it says that the paypal return address should be checkout_success.php - I cannot see a direct reference in the paypal app docs but it seems to imply that it should be checkout_process.php. Which should it be please. For IPN and for PDT. Thanks
  11. astecme

    Another problem with paypal

    Jack, thanks, Yes PDT all set up - It has worked fine for 10 ish transactions then just this one failed completely.
  12. astecme

    Another problem with paypal

    OK so I thought I had nailed the paypal problems ( all my fault!) however another just popped its head up. A customer purchased an item and paid via mobile checkout. The payment is there in payapal as is the order no BUT when I check OSC no order and the guys basket still has the item in it. The only available payment method is paypal Standard. I do have an entry in the log for paypal. I would appreciate your help once again. Many thanks Allan
  13. OK so it would appear that Paypal has a Looooooong memory and that it remembered order nos from years ago. Altering the base order no as above appears to have fixed this problem. I would suggest that the docs be updated to sy that if you have had a prior installation then you need to set the base order no. It would even be a great idea to include it in the installation process.