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  1. astecme

    Royal Mail shipping module

    Unused to use the available module from 7 years ago. It did stop working with one of the php upgrades which is a shame. The best thing about it was the max value on each type so for example a £40 purchase could be forced to recorded delivery...
  2. astecme

    Phoenix sendmail not working

    OK so first thanks for your patience! I have now found the problem. I always had a high regard for proof readers and this just adds to that. I should always remind myself to read whats on the page not what I thought I wrote. It was two problems originally but the latter masked the first after I thought I knew what was happening. Second point of note that alll testers will know... Do the whole test set again! Hands up it was a typo. a is so close to S on the keyboard and I have fat fingers sometimes.
  3. astecme

    phoenix version check

    Thanks, The cache directory setting obviously does not update from the config file.
  4. astecme

    Phoenix sendmail not working

    Thx and yes. Totally agree. The only changes I made were to the config file on the old shop. It seems that the front end shop user slide does not send the initial email on a placed order. When I cancelled one then that did email both customer and the "extra" emails. Sending a user an email from the admin end does not work either. This could be two separate problems or the same one. For the initial.order status the database has no update in order-status-history for the initial.pendimg status but the subsequent cancel is there. I thought that there was a flag somewhere to inform the customer but I cannot see it anywhere.
  5. The version check works fine and indicates the correct new version etc but the security checks script always says that no version check has been done for more than 30 days.
  6. astecme

    Phoenix sendmail not working

    Ah there is a twist that I missed! It is only the initial order emails that do not get sent. I placed an order for myself - no emails. cancelled the order via admin and bingo - email. I have checked the "new" database against the old and they are the same. Regards Allan
  7. astecme

    Phoenix sendmail not working

    If I log in as a customer and request a new password - that does work. Sorry but I am confused.
  8. astecme

    Phoenix sendmail not working

    It all seems very odd. What I have done is: installed Phoenix in a subdirectory. Once it was working I changed the live systems directory to blah_old.. Then changed the phoenix directory name to the old live name - updated all the config files and it all works the contact forms both work but I get no order emails from the shop. I did import the old databse with the exception of the config% tables. The only error that I seemed to have from that was duplicated tax rates and double taxes. If I send an email from the admin section to a customer then that says sent but does not arrive. Email options are sendmail, linefeeds = LF, dont use html, dont verify email addresses, send emails true. Niether the old or the new shop will send order info emails. On both the contact form works fine.
  9. Hi, I have upgraded to Phoenix but find that it does not send emails via send mail. I know that sendmail on the server is working as I still have the old shop available and can send emails from it. I could do with some help please. thx
  10. astecme

    Sub Categories Bug

    Do you have subcategory list enabled?
  11. astecme

    Phoenix installation issues

    OK so I found ttwo "problems" 1. The install removes trailing numerics from the given location name so you can run.... shop4/install but when you hit continue that becomes shop/install.... 2. I could not log into the admin section. Then something in my mind remebered a location check so the from and to website names must match. The install automatically provides http://blah locatiuons for the server. My site has a redirection so all incoming addresses are transferred to https://blah. Updating the config files to https://blah has fixed that. Now a happy bunny. Just these two probs need fixing. Thanks for the support
  12. astecme

    Phoenix installation issues

    and one small further problem. I cannot log into the admin section, it comes back to the login page. I re-installed to check the password but no joy.
  13. astecme

    Phoenix installation issues

    Many Thanks, I think I found a small problem with the install process. My install directory was in blah/blah/shop4/ when running the install the initial screen came up BUT when continue was pressed the directoy reverted to blah/blah/shop/install.... I redid as blah/blah/market.... and all works just fine. thanks and regards Allan
  14. astecme

    Phoenix installation issues

    Many Thanks - no I did not try a base install as every time I attempted it it reverted top a different sub directory, I will go back and try again. If I get a clean install How will I port the database?
  15. astecme

    Phoenix installation issues

    |I have now found this error. It was due to the fact that on the paypal login parameters page none of the boxes were ticked. Ticking disable fixes the problem. On to the next one! Many Thanks