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  1. astecme

    Missing order(s)

    I have had a couple of instances now where a basket has been paid for IPN sent , but not converted to an order. Paypal has an invoice no but on the database that order no does not exist. Using the customers name I got their ID and searched customer baskets for them and the "ordered" items were there. I have re-sent the IPN from paypal but still no order conversion. This has happened before, not often but it is annoying! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. astecme

    Order status on paypal transaction incorrect

    I think this was due to VAT settings in PAypal - paypal added VAT to the already VAT'ed total
  3. Running frozen version... The order status history shows paypal transaction as being incorrect order value does not include tax... This is with the latest updates to the paypal app. Any help appreciated. 11/05/2018 13:00:28 PayPal [Transactions] Transaction ID: 9YV50425N1971931V Payer Status: verified Address Status: confirmed Payment Status: Completed Payment Type: instant Pending Reason: OSCOM Error Total Mismatch: PayPal transaction value (131.40) does not match order value (109.50)
  4. astecme

    Rbanner manager in Frozen fails

    Many thanks - that works. HOWEVER the banner does not display on the main site...
  5. Hi, when running nbanner manager in the frozen version I get the following error Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'else' (T_ELSE), expecting function (T_FUNCTION) in /homepages/17/d415605883/htdocs/shop/admin/includes/classes/phplot.php on line 1322 Line 1322 is highlighted below function SetRgbColor($color_asked) { //Returns an array in R,G,B format 0-255 if ($color_asked == "") { $color_asked = array(0,0,0); }; if (is_array($color_asked) && (count($color_asked) == 3)) $ret_val = $color_asked; } else { // is asking for a color by string if(substr($color_asked,0,1) == "#") { //asking in #FFFFFF format. $ret_val = array(hexdec(substr($color_asked,1,2)), hexdec(substr($color_asked,3,2)), hexdec(substr($color,5,2))); } else { $ret_val = $this->rgb_array[$color_asked]; } } return $ret_val; } Can anyone help please.
  6. I think you will find that this is due to the necessarry database entry being missing.
  7. astecme

    Upgrade from to run PHP7.2

    My fault, as I overloaded the database. So a question. My database appears to be at least partially upgraded to the responsive version.Is there any way that I can check and further upgrade to install the few bits that seem to be missing? This is the only warning I have seen so far ... Use of undefined constant MODULE_CONTENT_NAVBAR_FIXED - assumed 'MODULE_CONTENT_NAVBAR_FIXED' (this will throw an Error in a future version of PHP) in /homepages/17/d415605883/htdocs/shop2/includes/modules/content/navigation/cm_navbar.php on line 41. Many thanks and I have to say that I do like the frozen version
  8. astecme

    Upgrade from to run PHP7.2

    Further to the upgrade, when running PHP7.2 I get the following at the top of the screen Warning: Use of undefined constant MODULE_CONTENT_NAVBAR_FIXED - assumed 'MODULE_CONTENT_NAVBAR_FIXED' (this will throw an Error in a future version of PHP) in /homepages/17/d415605883/htdocs/shop2/includes/modules/content/navigation/cm_navbar.php on line 41
  9. astecme

    Upgrade from to run PHP7.2

    Apologies, I understand now. All seems to be working. Many Thanks
  10. astecme

    Upgrade from to run PHP7.2

    sorry not sure what you mean by that or where to do it
  11. astecme

    Upgrade from to run PHP7.2

    Indeed - content blocking prevented it from loading
  12. astecme

    Upgrade from to run PHP7.2

    Many thanks for your help. I will try again tomorrow.
  13. astecme

    Upgrade from to run PHP7.2

    Argh, it was mostly the config file settings, the redirect I had was to https: that caused content blocking..... just dont have the category content now.
  14. astecme

    Upgrade from to run PHP7.2

    I cleared the database contents (dropped everything) then imported from my existing database, then ran the update and got the errors above. This is what I get when I access the new shop - al
  15. Hi, I am a little confused over what I have to do in order to convert what I am running ( to php 7. I have set up a new test directory into which to load the "frozen" version. On loading the code and installing viewed on a PC i get an inline site i.e. all the site is generated downwards. There is no background etc. On trying to access the admin functions I cannot log in it just returns to the log in page. Q1. Does frozenrequire PHP7? The installation implied not Q2. The install overwrote the database ( a copy)!. I imported my database and then tried the update sql - it would appear that my DB already has these changes as I get eroors ... column already exists... Q3. I have a redirect on my site at present that takes any incoming and re-directs to the base site , although I have a subdomain that is set to use php7.2 it gets redirected and bounced to 5.6 is that causing the errors? If so is there another way to upgrade? Regards Allan