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  1. orlin55555

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Worked like a charm! Just had to change it to images/slimbox.css Thanks a lot!!!
  2. orlin55555

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Thanks, George! Sorry for the bump, I won't do it anymore... Will see if I can fix the path and then I'll post back here.
  3. orlin55555

    [Contribution] STS v4

    ^ Any ideas about my issue? Bump :blink:
  4. I installed Slimbox on a clean v2.2 RC2, then installed STS 4.6. Slimbox worked fine and still works if I turn STS off. But with STS enabled - Slimbox popup is messed up. Example: http://aristo.bg/shop/product_info.php?products_id=26 The popup takes place down left side of the page, image is torn in two parts. Any ideas?
  5. orlin55555

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Somebody? :huh:
  6. orlin55555

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Hi guys, I recently made a fresh install of OSC v2.2 RC2 Then I installed Slimbox /a lightbox visual clone - as included in Fancy Pics contribution/ Worked OK, but when I installed STS 4.6_1 - popups /click to enlarge/ are a little messed up. Details: STS settings: Popup image and Product info are OFF. There are no other modifications/installs done. Example here: http://aristo.bg/shop/product_info.php?cPath=1_8&products_id=25 The popup appears down left - not in the page center and is broken in two parts, also background doesnt fade. Seems like Slimbox is working, but with some error, any advice please? PS: When I turn off STS - Slimbox works again great as before I installed STS.