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  1. @jameslugton That old broken url does need addressing as it will cause thousands of stores to lose money from lost orders and lost commissions for Nochex as well. Can anyone with a Github account please raise an issue to change the URL in the file below https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/blob/master/includes/modules/payment/nochex.php
  2. Thanks @jameslugton How long since the url was changed?? We have had orders through this month and previous months going to this old url which seem to have checked out fine so not sure how that could happen if that page has been as broken as it is now. Would have been nice to have a decent error page, rather than just a broken one perhaps with a prompt with maybe a message to contact the merchant or something "This is an old payment page, please contact the store owner". Luckily, we were contacted by a customer but could have been weeks before we knew otherwise. At the moment, just a change to the new url has done it for us and it is working now but will look at the Github project too and perhaps do a full install of that module Line 30 in /home/**/public_html/includes/modules/payment/nochex.php ``` if (is_object($order)) $this->update_status(); //$this->form_action_url = 'https://www.nochex.com/nochex.dll/checkout'; $this->form_action_url = 'https://secure.nochex.com/default.aspx'; } ```
  3. Had an email from a customer who couldn't pay with Nochex tonight. So I tried my checkout and I got a bust checkout page at Nochex as well. The Nochex module redirects to https://www.nochex.com/nochex.dll/checkout We use Nochex and Paypal and I have had a Nochex order from 3 days ago. Can't see any changes or complaints on Twitter etc I stuck that url above in Google and found a store that seems to use a different url and that seems to work. Thoughts? https://i.postimg.cc/2SLjQ1VV/elite-nochex.png https://secure.nochex.com/default.aspx
  4. Just a note for others who may have this issue at some point. I had <?php echo $oscTemplate->getBlocks('footer_scripts'); ?> missing from template_bottom.php Not sure why but that fixed it for me, the joy of having used GIT when developing helped me find the difference
  5. @BrockleyJohn A huge thankyou for a great plugin https://apps.oscommerce.com/Get&ZT4uG Works a treat in my initial tests Just for reference, here are a few popular types of campaigns you can do with Facebook that I am going to try out. Here are my 4 campaigns: 1) Target the demographics of the customers who converted the most on my site previously (data taken from Google Analytics eg. Interests, Age, Affinity Category - Ecommerce Conversions) 2) Upload the email addresses of who has ordered on my site, to show my ads to them again using Customer Match (IMPORTANT: watch you terms allow this especially with GDPR close etc) 3) Setup a Customer Match - Similar Audience. Facebook will target customers similar to the data I uploaded. 4) Remarketing on Facebook to customers who visited my site (just like Google Remarketing) using the newly installed Facebook Pixel on my site Just going to throw an initial £25 at each (my cpc is usually very low) and see how it does in the early stages. I have tried Facebook Ads a few years ago with no success. But it's renowned now for the amazing targeting you can do to your type of audience and growing massively. Just be careful of their metrics, heard they can be a bit misleading but by setting up proper GA tracking should see how the conversions fair in reality https://twitter.com/larrykim/status/823641336452710400 Some other good articles to get people started with the best book imo at the end. I will tell you how I get on in a month or two https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/top-10-facebook-advertising-features-you-should-be-using/512561/ https://medium.com/marketing-and-entrepreneurship/how-to-be-smart-and-precise-with-facebook-ad-targeting-5ca7c4580e6f https://www.ppchero.com/4-facebook-ad-targeting-tips/ https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ultimate-Guide-Facebook-Advertising-Potential/dp/159918611X?tag=ukos-21
  6. Been a good 18 months since I delved into OSC Bootstrap sites to modify. Looking to add a Facebook Pixel to my site and have a go with Facebook Ads. With these being so popular now, I was wondering whether anyone has successfully got this working or whether a BS compatible module exists. Can it just be added to checkout_success in a manual fashion?
  7. Order confirmations come through, but host/server shows. That may trigger spam fliters on Outlook/Yahoo https://s23.postimg.org/hj1imnsy3/spf_dkim.png Anyone know how this can be fixed?
  8. Rand Fishkin is the most respected SEO expert in the world which in turn has allowed him to build a fantastic world leading business - Moz, even Matt Cutts and the Google crew recognise this. I suggest you check out his Whiteboard Fridays.
  9. I am looking to replace the categories box on mobile sizes for BS234 with a hamburger style menu like you see across most large sites when viewed on a mobile. I have found the link below that may do it but I'm sure some of the forks may have one built in? http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/9375 Anyone know where I can get something to implement a mobile menu? Here is the type of thing I mean, in the top left http://m.jdsports.co.uk/
  10. Indeed, CTR in Google listings is also an increasing factor that is being recognised as having a part in ranking order . So if the URL is shouting out or clear, this will improve CTR and therefore your rankings. Bing is especially big on ranking readable related urls over random generated urls. I've seen this happen on many occasions.
  11. The seo king Rand Fishkin would disagree :-) https://moz.com/blog/15-seo-best-practices-for-structuring-urls
  12. I see some activity on the boards and on Githuv regarding Header Tags SEO for Bootstrap. Is this a built in feature now? In that case all I need is to add SEO URLs then?
  13. Thanks altoid, Just looking at the easiest way to make my changes and add contributions on my PC and then update my fork. ie. Softwar setup in Windows. From an outside view, the commit, push, add etc all seems alot of faff to change files to me. But understand the convinience and positives of it.
  14. Finally getting to a stage where I am looking to move to a BS 2.3.4 site and thought this was a perfect time to try and learn Gihub/Bitbucket. I see there are some videos at http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/396152-bootstrap-3-in-2334-responsive-from-the-get-go/?p=1709648that I will be looking at. But for development and edits of my own on my site. What is the best way to integrate with GitHub or in my case Bitbucket-which integrates with Github?! (as I can't afford to pay for private Github at the moment and going forward) I use Dreamweaver CS4, what sort of software on Windows 7 can I use to auto update my Bitbucket repositary and then pull in BS 2.3.4 changes when I want. Just looking for some pointers on getting into version control for my own changes rather than the master for the moment. Thanks
  15. I wish to have a collapse navbsr on mobile screens like Opencart does. Does anyone know what file/code changes would be needed for this? Please check this link and view at 360pxpx to see what I mean. Thanks demo.opencart.com