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  1. It is really great mod.I like it very much. I have a shop with Simple Chinese,It work When I finished install this mod. But the URLs look like below: Categories: http://www.hoho7.com/--c-2232.html http://www.hoho7.com/-c-2135.html http://www.hoho7.com/-c-1576.html Product info: http://www.hoho7.com/52-p-28176.html http://www.hoho7.com/1612-p-14579.html http://www.hoho7.com/kitty1006-p-14590.html Article topic: http://www.hoho7.com/-t-11.html http://www.hoho7.com/-t-17.html http://www.hoho7.com/-t-8.html Artice info: http://www.hoho7.com/-a-856.html http://www.hoho7.com/-a-30.html http://www.hoho7.com/-a-46.html And how can do to get URLs look like below: Categories: http://www.hoho7.com/categories-c-2232.html http://www.hoho7.com/categories-c-2135.html http://www.hoho7.com/categories-c-1576.html Product info: http://www.hoho7.com/products-52-p-28176.html http://www.hoho7.com/products-1612-p-14579.html http://www.hoho7.com/products-kitty1006-p-14590.html Article topic: http://www.hoho7.com/topics-t-11.html http://www.hoho7.com/topics-t-17.html http://www.hoho7.com/topics-t-8.html Artice info: http://www.hoho7.com/artices-a-856.html http://www.hoho7.com/artices-a-30.html http://www.hoho7.com/artices-a-46.html Thanks for any help.
  2. waitfy2008

    Header Tags SEO

    It's a great contribution. I have installed it since version 2.7.I very like it. And when I update to the version 3.0.8,I get a trouble. When I visit the Header Tags SEO page,on top of this page ,I get a note like bellow: Permissions settings for the d:\webhost\abc\wwwroot/includes/header_tags.php file appear to be incorrect. Change to 777 I tried to set the header_tags.php from 666 to 777 by the leapftp. But failse,It's also the 666,and I cann't change it... My server is base Windows. Anyone who can give me any idea to solve the troubles. And How can I do to solvethe trouble. Thanks..