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  1. linx6703

    Cool Flash Carousel Menu

    Hello, Guys! I have the following problem - the screen where the carousel should appear is white.I start only to see it when I log in.The same problem with the flash-header of my site.Can anyone give me advice?This contribution such a beautiful thing but can't make it work properly....
  2. linx6703

    Cool Flash Carousel Menu

    Hi all! I wonder if anyone has faced such a problem: I've installed Flash Carousel v. 2.0d. It works great despite of one moment. On my localhost it is shown on the page after I put the product in the cart and go through all the operations of purchasing. After I accomplish them and see that the purchasing was successful I go to the main page and see that the carousel is working. In the Internet I haven't yet tested it. Can it be because it's on my localhost and it doesn't work perfectly? Please give me some hints on where the problem can be hidden. P.S. I've tried to install v.3.1 - the result is that on the OsCommerce script where I didn't do any changes the Carousel works perfect. But on the shop I wanted to install it, the Carousel doesn't work (Though I've tried to install it several times and did it very attentively). Before installing v.3.1 I've deleted the previous version (v.2.0d). I don't know where the problem can be. Besides, I have "Flash Carousel" string in my admin, though all the files with the mysql table of v.3.1 I've deleted. Where can I delete this string? Will be grateful for your suggestions!
  3. linx6703

    Cool Flash Carousel Menu

    Hello, I have the same problem with undefined URL QUOTE (hayworth @ Oct 10 2008, 12:05 AM) * Thank you very much Emmetje!! The flash works, the .xml works, but the URL when I click in the image it's undefined. How can I define this URL? Example: http://www.hayworth.es/allprods.php Thanks!! Regards. Hayworth Somehowe I managed to stuff up the link again blush.gif Use this in rotator.php CODE $xmlfile .= "\t\t" . '<product filename="'.$new_image.'" productname="'.$specials['products_name'].'" productprice="'.$kampanya->display_price($specials['products_price'], tep_get_tax_rate($specials['products_tax_class_id'])).'" url="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_PRODUCT_INFO, 'products_id=' . $specials['products_id']). '" />'."\n"; } $xmlfile.="</products>\n"; Can you tell me exactly at what rotator.php should I post this code? (which is situated in includes/modules/rotator.php or in admin/rotator.php) .And can you tell me in what line it is preferable to put it. I've tried to adjust this code to both files, but failed.Above the carousel I see this part of code: $xmlfile .= "\t\t" . ''."\n"; } $xmlfile.="\n"; And when I click on the product, the page is still undefined. Thanks, will be waiting for your assist. Sergey.
  4. linx6703

    Article Manager v1.0

    Hi all! I've aslo faced that problem: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_has_topic_subtopics() in z:\home\localhost\www\catalog\includes\boxes\articles.php on line 41 I've also read that some people managed to overcome it, but haven't found how.I have the v2.2 RC2a of OsCommerce and don't have Header Tags SEO installed. Can you advise me how to solve this problem??? Thanks, Sergey.
  5. linx6703

    Header Tags for novices

    Thanks, Ken for your great contribution. I've downloaded it form the link you've given me.Everything now works great!
  6. linx6703

    Header Tags for novices

    Ok, Thanks Ken
  7. Hi everybody! I have the next problem: I've tried to install contribution of articles manager to my shop.There are a lot of versions of it, but those which I used were with mistakes and didn't work. Can anyone advice me the working contribution of articles manager or something like this? Thanks, Sergey.
  8. linx6703

    Header Tags for novices

    Hi, Ken I've downloaded the following contribution: seo header tags version 4 from the: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,4822 As for products - title,description and keywords - everyting now works great, but the problem is in the changing the same attributes in categories.It is written that my actions succeded, but these 3 parametres of category don't change.I think the problem is in header_tags_category_edit.php I've tested it on the original version v2.2 RC2a on localhost.Tried to reinstall several times and failed( Hope, you will advice me something. Thanks, Sergey.
  9. linx6703

    Does such contribution exists?

    Thanks, Jack for your support!
  10. linx6703

    Header Tags for novices

    Ken, Thanks for your contribution! But I've faced the problem with inserting title,description and keywords for categories and the products name.I mean that when I try to change title,description and keywords in the admin panel I receive the message that the action succeded, but whne I preview go to the page and preview code I see only names of categories and the products names which are set by default.I have no errors with your contribution, but nevertheless I can't change these parametres. :( I use v2.2 RC2a of OsCommerce. Can you help me to solve this question? Thanks, Sergey.
  11. Hi all! Guys, can you tell me whether such contribution for oscommerce exists? :huh: I want to each of my shop's category before the products will be displayed add a kind of a short article/introduction.I mean the content that will introduce for example 'Mobile Phones' category. Mobile phones text, text, text and the list of the products. If such contribution doesn't exist please can someone advice me how to do this. Thanks a lot! Sergey. :)
  12. Hi all! I wanted to install that great package and succeded.But unfortunately I have a big problem and don't understand why it is so. After the installation I've tried different categories on my site.I've got the following link in my browser:http://www.goodpresents.net/car-dvd-players-c-27.html. But the problem is that error 404 is shown and written that the page wasn't found. <_< So the link is correct and works, but the page isn't shown :huh: I have v2.2 RC2a of oscommerce.Than I also use the following contribution: seo-header-tags-v4 .I don't know whether that contribution affects it Can anyone help me ???:blink: Thanks, Sergey.
  13. linx6703

    Link Contribution

  14. linx6703

    Link Contribution

    Hi everyone! Can you help me to solve one problem.I've heard that if instead of for e.g. link:index.php?act=post&do=new_post&f=7 I will have something like:www.wisegeek.com/what-is-the-difference-between-triband-and-quadband.htm my site will be higher promoted in search engines.I mean that in the second link everything is written by words and as for the first one there used number and symbols.Can you advice me whether such a contribution exists in oscommerce and where can I get it? Thanks! Sergey.