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  1. How can I change the code in the categories box to expand / display all subcategories by default. I want it so that whichever page the user is viewing, the same complete list of categories/subcategories will be displayed, expanded out on the menu. Is there a contribution already for this? I have searched but can't find it. Has anyone already done this? would prefer not to reinvent the wheel if possible(!)... thanks in advance, ~swordfly
  2. Excellent, thank you! I'll give it a shot, thanks again! ~swordfly
  3. I am looking for installation instructions with just the code in each file that needs to be updated/replaced. I can't replace whole files as I have already added too many contributions. Do these instructions already exist, has anyone compared each file with the originals to see what exactly needs to be changed in each file? What do other people think? I think most developers are not working with a new store, so it is not possible to replace all existing files directly. Therefore instructions with only the code changes required would be much much more useful. Thanks in advance ~swordfly