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  1. I think I did do that! Bacause I have install and reinstall the mod serval times to get it work. Maybe I backup after I install the sql..so what can I do now? I know nothing about sql :(
  2. Oops...I think that would be very nice if there is a redeem box. If I am a customer, I will be so happy and feel satisify when I see the seller is showing off the goodies but not hiding it up after I signup or meet some limit. (since using a coupon means losing profit to the seller although actually not ;) ) Especially these are all related to their $$$ :lol: Yes, I always use discount coupon as a signup gift. It's easlier for customers to use, I think. One more question, in the config page in admin, the line "Welcome Gift Voucher" and "Welcome Discount Coupon" keep show up 5 times! :ph34r: Looks like this : Welcome Gift Voucher 0 Welcome Gift Voucher 0 Welcome Gift Voucher 0 Welcome Gift Voucher 0 Welcome Gift Voucher 0 Welcome Discount Coupon 0 Welcome Discount Coupon 0 Welcome Discount Coupon 0 Welcome Discount Coupon 0 Welcome Discount Coupon 0 can you tell me which file is going wrong?
  3. I think my PHP knowledge is far too little to write that function :( but your suggestion is great, maybe I should work on java script or something else that sounds like my level :P Can you tell me the flow such as which page and where should I start? Because this mod is so complicated I don't even know where should I modify :o
  4. Thank you! But how to let it popup automatically? :) Because my stonefront is using 750 in width with left column only The shopcart box is under 2 infoboxs, customer may not catch the coupon info at once :(
  5. Hi, ask for advise again :rolleyes: How to popup a window when customer enter a coupon code and redeem sucessfully? Because some of my testers report that they have to spend a little time to find out they have redeemed their coupon and the new balance on the check out page. So, I think it will be more confidence if a window popup and tell them information directly, such as:" You have sucessfully redeem a coupon" then show them the code, coupon credit and the new order total. :)
  6. Sorry, I belive I asked a stupid question . I have just updated to 510b and testing now. This is a amazing mod , Thanks for all your great work!
  7. How can I update to 510b from 510? I have checked the install.htm but they are all the same :( Irene
  8. I installed SaleMaker 2.2MS2v1.00 into MS2. It works fine and smoothe. Only one thing concern, Is it normal if the Sale products (downpriced by Salemaker) don't show up in the "Specials" infobox? Because my "Specials" infobox only shows the products which downpriced by the original "Specials" in admin. When I click into the specials page the Sale products don't show as well. Is it normal or I did something wrong?