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  1. steptoe675

    How does Options work in the Product Page

    forgot to add you will have to set product attributes for each apple colour so your customers are able to decide which colour they want also you will have to select the product options name you created for each attribute or it will create another drop down menu
  2. steptoe675

    How does Options work in the Product Page

    Hi it took me a while to be able to setup the products how I wanted them in product attributes create a product options i.e . Apples then under option values set the name as Red then repeat the option value steps for however many colours you want not sure how to have more than one image
  3. steptoe675

    Security for v3

    Thanks for the reply Mark
  4. steptoe675

    Security for v3

    Have the annoying amount of security fixes and how to make your site safer issues from v2 been implemented into the core framework of v3 so that we do not have to spend ages making sure that any security issues we had in v2 are fixed in v3