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    pbpBB2 and osC shared account creation

    I basically found out that my cokes path in cataloh/includes/configure.php was not configured correctly. I had no idea that the HTTP_COOKIE_DOMAIN was without "http://www." I then changed HTTP_COOKIE_PATH to "/catalog" and it worked! I now remain logged in.
  2. statrosa

    pbpBB2 and osC shared account creation

    Dear Alex, I would like to thank you for your fantastic contrib! I did not take long to setup up and the instructions were quite easy. Even though I think I did everything the way you instructed I still have a feeling I did something wrong. When a user logins in oscommerce and they click on the forum button, they will be transferred to the forum and logged in. However when they click on the oscommerce button in the forum (the one next to register in the top right side of the screen) they will be transferred back to the oscommerce site, but are no longer logged in. Also if you would go straight to the forum and try to login, you will be taken to the oscommerce page to login, and after you have logged in you will be taken back to the forum, but no login has occurred. I have no idea if these things are on purpose. But if you could think of anything I did wrong I'm all ears. Stat