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  1. erta77

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    thanks for your answers. 1. I use Osc 2.2 RC2a 2. Yes I did. I installed builder 2.5.5 now. 3. My site default currency is YTL on the 'home page' (on first load) 4. I am using many code in osc. I think builder is changing products price For example: Currency YTL on website; Product price with tax 56.16 YTL on product page Product price 37.17 YTL on builder page If I choose Currency USD on website; Product price with tax 37.17 USD on product page Product price 24.60 USD on builder page 5. I used 2.3.3 before version 2.5.4 but I uninstalled and I erased database tables. I still have two problems :blink:
  2. erta77

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    Sorry my English Hi, I used your pc builder 2.5.4 with your patch. Perfect and it's working. I have two problem. 1) My web site default price YTL. But Product price changes to USD in pc builder. I want to show with default price (YTL) in pc builder 2) I select all components and click to add to cart button. But it doesn't add to cart. How can I do?