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  1. shari

    easy populate

    I'm not really sure of the answer- I haven't tried to delete any fields. I just leave them blank. (My first experience with databases was, ohhhh, 'bout two weeks ago. This is kind of the blind leading the blind, as it were.) :rolleyes: There are several references to the field names in the php files. I would assume (perhaps wrongly) that you would have to change each of these if you were to add a new field or subtract the standard ones. If you are adding different fields, how are you outputting that information? Ah, I figured as much...but then to overlook the obvious is sometimes a recipe for disaster! Shari
  2. shari

    easy populate

    First off, you have six columns(fields) defined, and seven columns of data. ("Some" and "fish" seem to be tab delimited- are they supposed to be in the same field?) Are you adding fields that are not in your download file? If so, you need to access your database directly and modify the fields- you can't just change them in your text file and have them appear in your database. (My apologies if this is not the case...although I'm sure there are some out there who are trying to do this. B) ) Also, you can leave fields blank, but you can't delete the field in your text file and then upload, because the database still has the fields and your information no longer is going where it needs to be. Hope this helps, Shari
  3. Jon, I had the same problem, but I think it's not the commas to blame- it's the length of your category title. It's limited to 32 characters. Try shortening the category name and see if that helps. (Or you can extend the default character limit in EP- not sure which file offhand.) Shari
  4. Yes- that happened to me... I just now finished deleting the 132 repeats of the same category. :o For future reference, is there a way to go through and delete these rogue entries that doesn't involve three screens? (Not that I plan on having it happen again, but you never know.....) Shari
  5. shari

    Easy Populate SQL Syntax Error

    Well, I would...if it were in my text file! It's not, and I've deleted the file from the temp directory and uploaded the corrected file, yet the error persists. Also, does anyone know why EP would create a category over and over? I uploaded 83 products that were supposed to be in one sub-category; instead, I now have 83 sub-categories with 1 item each. The other sub-categories loaded just fine. Pulling my hair out, Shari ;)
  6. After uploading my split files to the database, I'm getting the following error messages: 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '1 EA', '' )' at line 10 INSERT INTO products_description (products_id, language_id, products_name, products_description, products_url) VALUES ( '2730', 1, 'LAB LOVE TEDDIES \"RAINY DAY\', '1 EA', '' ) I found an error at line 10 in my file, but even after fixing and uploading again it's still throwing the error. How do I get rid of it? The second message has me stumped. I re-entered that whole product set, and it still gives me the message. Any ideas? :blink: Shari
  7. shari

    EasyPopulate problems.

    This happened to me, too. See where it says "(/home/.sites/107/site212/web/catalog//catalog/temp)? It's repeating "catalog" (catalog//catalog). Change the location of your temp file in catalog/admin/easypopulate.php. That should take care of the problem. Shari