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  1. PayPal states that they: "will no longer support the use of the GET HTTP request method for our classic NVP/SOAP API's. If you currently use any of these API's, you will need to ensure that your API requests only use the POST HTTP request method." This is their page that says that: https://www.paypal-knowledge.com/infocenter/index?page=content&widgetview=true&id=FAQ1927&viewlocale=en_US The deadline to do this is June 30, 2017. This will involve altering some code. Does anyone know specifically which file(s) and lines this would affect? I am hoping (praying) that the change only involves changing a few lines around. Does anyone have any input into this?
  2. Outlier


    Ok, I've downloaded sitemonitor. I see 2 folders, one for oscommerce_2.3 and one for oscommerce_MS2_or_RC2 Which one of those folders should I use for CRE Loaded 6.4.0 or 6.4.1a?
  3. Outlier


    Can someone tell me if sitemonitor will also work for CRE Loaded? (CRE Loaded runs on the OSCommerce platform)