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  1. Hi, does anyone know if this module will work for 2.3?
  2. Ive installed the gift wrap contribution happily, but i need it to work on quantity, not just a flat rate. Any ideas?
  3. the problem for that is in checkout_confirmation.php just comment out this line var_dump($order->info);
  4. Hi Furhead, Thanks for your reply. I installed the add on for KGT coupon codes onto my site and, like I said, it ends up tripling the amount! Its crazy
  5. Hi there, I have the KGT Discount Code system applied to my website. It works fine with the credit card option. I tried applying the paypal express patch but after installing it, it not only doesnt apply the discount but it also takes the total order amount and trebles it! anyone any idea why this would happen?
  6. Hi there, Ive installed this but it appears to crash IE everytime I use it.
  7. is it necessary with google checkout? please help ive spent all day on this!