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  1. Good evening I have installed Canada post shipping module and Paypal ipn. If i put an item in the shopping cart and try to check out i can see the selected canada post shipping mode the cost but when i click on next to go to payment module i am looping back to the checkout page and the shipping cost change What am i doing wrong? Alain
  2. Good evneing all , I have installed version 2.1D of Ultomate SEO. My store have french and english plus US and Canadian currencies. Canadian being the default. If i try to switch to US currencies it automatically revert to Canada . I have search the thread but couldn't find anything related to this issue Anyone has a clue? Alain Pilon
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    Auto Update Currencies

    Thanks it solved the problem
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    Auto Update Currencies

    Good evening I installed your contribution and set up a cron job via cpanel and set the permission to 755 on the file and now this is what i am getting /home/digitalh/public_html/admin/auto_update_currencies.php: line 1: ?: No such file or directory /home/digitalh/public_html/admin/auto_update_currencies.php: line 2: /aquota.user: Permission denied /home/digitalh/public_html/admin/auto_update_currencies.php: line 3: Auto: command not found /home/digitalh/public_html/admin/auto_update_currencies.php: line 4: osCommerce,: command not found /home/digitalh/public_html/admin/auto_update_currencies.php: line 5: http://www.oscommerce.com: No such file or directory /home/digitalh/public_html/admin/auto_update_currencies.php: line 7: syntax error near unexpected token `c' /home/digitalh/public_html/admin/auto_update_currencies.php: line 7: ` Copyright © 2003 osCommerce' any help would be appreciated Alain