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    Insert Prices With VAT/TAX Inclued

    I have the same problem and even in french with french developpers it is difficult to explain it. In a trip to canada I saw prices displayed that way in shops : $ 19.95+tax In France it is forbidden . we have to display all the prices with taxes included. There are two ways of working with taxes Taxes added (US, Canada etc...)Or taxes included (france, others etc...) taxes added : For each item I input a price I input a tax rate In the shop the price displayed is ('DISPLAY_PRICE_WITH_TAX', true) =the result of item price X taxe rate. With this method the price displayed in the shop is almost always ending with unwanted cents 19.96 instead of 19.95 which is the price I want ('DISPLAY_PRICE_WITH_TAX', false) = item price before tax calculation Taxes included. For each Item I input the price I want to see displayed in the shop I input a tax rate. The price displayed in the shop is the price I want so everything is ok On the invoice the tax rate is used to split the final price of the item in two values : item price before taxes and taxes.