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  1. fmossiere

    PayPal Website Payments Standard

    Hey Steve, If you logged in Paypal before (hence, have a cookie), then the Paypal landing page tries to force you to login, this is why the option to pay directly by Credit Card is quite small ... If you clear your cookies, then you will see that the landing page has a full Credit Card form for the customer to fill in, + the option to create a Paypal account ..
  2. fmossiere

    PayPal Website Payments Standard

    Hi Curley, can you tell me how to turn on the "Auto Return" Option please? Cheers,
  3. fmossiere

    Paypal not redirecting to Checkout_Success.php Page

    Ok, :blush: Reinstall the latest versio of Paypla standard and seems to work fine now ... now the problem is that I do not get the order if the use does not click on "Return to Website", but this is being addressed in a different thread: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=314937
  4. Hi, it worked before and I have no idea what has changed since ... My Paypal module (Paypal Standard) is working fine, payment goes through, but on the last page of Paypal, when you click on the "return to website" button, it links again correctly to the page checkout_process.php with the correct Session ID ... but for some reason, this redirects to the Login page instead of the Checkout_success.php page ... Anyone had that problem before? Is this something that is not passed back by Paypal? It worked yesterday, and all I did today is testing enabling SSL ... I turned everything back on non-secure in the config files so it is back as the initial set-up ... Any help is very welcome. http://www.alinash.com/shop
  5. fmossiere

    UltraPics resize thumbnails

    Actually, no bother ... found it ... not sure why this is taking the wrong sizes, but I did specify manual sizes in the files product_info.php and additional_images.php and it worked.
  6. Hi all, Just installed Ultrapics, and noticed that on the product info page, it resizes my "Small Picture" to 140x120, making it distorted (see screenshot) ... Where can I change the size of the image displayed (here, it is 140x120) so it does not distort the proportions? Appreciate your help. Cheers, Fabien
  7. fmossiere

    Weight only goes up to 9999.99

    I see, got it. cheers Coopco -)
  8. fmossiere

    Weight only goes up to 9999.99

    Hi Alan, on that subject, I have Oscommerce with default weight in LBS, can you tell me where you changed the Unit to be in Gramms or KG? I can't find it in the configuration .. cheers,