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    JUST RELEASED! Printable Catalog

    Sorry, don't know what happened. What I was trying to do is post a question and halfway through, my internet went haywire and when it came backup the posting was there. Here is what I was trying to post in the hopes that someone with the program could help me.
  2. FHCeramics

    Picture Sizing

    Sorry, this posting was for Printable catalog 2.0
  3. FHCeramics

    Picture Sizing

    The contribution works almost perfect but I'm having a problem. A lot of the images I am using items that i have pictures for are rectangular. The programis making them almost square and thus distorting what the item looks like. Is there someway to adjust the code so I can set the height but width will be adjusted accordingly so the pictures are not distorted.
  4. FHCeramics


    I downloaded the file to add more products but when I try to upload it, it comes back to the EasyPopulate screen and displays the file name but doesn't upload into the database nor show any errors. I have set the chmod to 777 and adjusted the split file size down to 50 records with no results. However if I try the original txt file I downloaded it works fine and enters the database. Have checked the original to the updated file and everything appears fine all info is in right catagories, everything. On any columns like attributes or tax where it was the same, I copied and pasted the info into the columns, I am using MS Excel 2003 and didn't add or change any columns so I'm stumped. Would appreciate any suggestions.
  5. :o Hello, I?ve installed 24 Aug 2004 - PDF catalog v1.55, new features Author: N. Hilly Everything seemed to run fine but when I go to to run the program to generate the pdf catalog, I get a 500 Internal Server error. When I check the error log, I get the following error message ?[Tue Sep 7 01:03:32 2004] [error] [client] Premature end of script headers: /powweb/web/cgi-bin/php4 [Tue Sep 7 01:14:23 2004] [error] [client] Premature end of script headers: /powweb/web/cgi-bin/php4. I have checked the forums but can not see anything related this error. If you can give me any help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Wayne :(
  6. I installed "Add a BACK button in the product_info" for MS2.2 and button shows up perfectly but when you click on it it takes you to the Events Calendar current months page. I have included the code here as it is now, along with the install instructions I followed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Code; Instructions;
  7. Since installing this my pop-up image info contribution comes up blank. Here is the entire pop-up image.php and only code for that contribution. Please take a look and see if your contribution could be affecting it, and what changes I need to get it to show your info and not just the regular price. Thanks your help is greatly appreciated. :)
  8. I installed the new popup_image.php, it appears to have created a white space below the image but none of the info shows up.
  9. I know its something I have done in copying and pasting but have looked 3times and can not locate. On the product pages it shows If you can help me locate the problem it would be greatly appreciated. :)
  10. FHCeramics

    Event Calendar

    I installed the calendar and everything was working fine, then I had to redo my site and when I re-installed the calendar I get this where the calendar should be and here is what line 20 - 25 reads Can someone please help so I can get this back up and working. Thanks Wayne
  11. FHCeramics

    Event Calendar

    Thanks for the suggestions, but all it seems to be doing is pushing the error down the list of code, it now gives the fatal error as being on line 24 which is
  12. FHCeramics

    Event Calendar

    Hi radders, yes I have the file includes/classes/calendar.php. I have triple checked to see that all files are in place and that all the file additions are in and everything seems correct. Thats why I'm stumped at these errors.
  13. FHCeramics

    Event Calendar

    Thanks Mibble, now I get this error here is what that whole section reads Thanks Wayne
  14. I installed the contribution, the admin section seems to work fine, the link infobox seems to work fine and the links category page seems fine but when you click on a link catagory to get to the links, the following error appears; here is what line 20 shows Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Wayne
  15. :o I installed Customer specific discount percentage V1.3 with the admin access but when I go to edit the customer accounts to set the discount percentage, all the customer info is blank and the following 2 errors appear at the top of the page. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Wayne
  16. FHCeramics

    All Products enhanced

    Installed latest version and everything seems to be working fine except for the Price column which shows $0.00. Can anyone help with this. Thanks Wayne
  17. I followed the install instructions fully, everything came up and looked fine but when I went to check it out, I came across these problems. In the catalog section, when clicked on subscribe, it shows email address, name type of email, then it says "By entering your zipcode below (US only) we can define....(but doesn't say anything else) the lists zip and country. Then graphic for the continue button doesn't show but button works and you get told you have successfully registered etc etc . But nowhere is the page the registering email mentions where your interests are listed to be checked 1st question- where do I find the text to change the success notification wording and the interests wording and that of the email that is sent. Also do I need to adjust something in the code to get to the interest page. The unsubscribe seems to be working fine. Now in the admin section, under Newsletter section, the Newsletter Admin section seems to work fine, header/footer section - under new news item the help button doesn't function, under update table, it shows this so not sure if it set up properly then when I click on subscribers Admin, I get this; I am new to php so am totally out of my league, and help would be greatly appreciate. Tried looking on here for help, but not knowing php wasn't sure what to look for. Thanks Wayne
  18. I installed the module, and I can get links installed on the page it produces but I'm trying to get links to work direct from the information box. I can get the links showing and working but the link for the info page shows above each link like this; Info Page Link Direct Link Info Page Link Direct Link I have included the code from catalog\includes\boxes\information.php as it is currently, what I want is this: Info Page Link Direct Link Direct Link Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks