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  1. Hunnenkoenig

    [Contribution] Infobox Admin

    Does this work with STS 4?
  2. Hunnenkoenig

    [CONTRIBUTION] Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 - by Chemo

    I was searching the topic but didn't find any useful info. I changed some info pages' title on my site and now the links to the pages have been changed, but also the old link is working. For better understanding: I had info pages like: Info-page1 Info-page2 etc. I changed them to info page 1 info page 2 The old url was something like .../mywebshop/info-811-page1-c-1.html and the new one is like .../mywebshop/info-page-1-c-1.html My problem is that even I changed the name and the url, the old url is still working. As far as I know, Google doesn't like if the same content is showing on two different pages. How do I remove the old url, so it is not working anymore? or is this intended? Is it a redirect so Google finds the page even by the old link? Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Hunnenkoenig


    Not only. I would like to set up an oscommerce store with my own stuff, but I would like to allow users also to sell their stuff on my store. It is supposed to be a community thing, as an extension for the community portal and forums etc. But never mind. I have found a free auction system, which seems to be good enough for me. I will probably install oscommerce and that system running parallel. Thanks for your help.
  4. Hunnenkoenig


    Ah I found it... I must have been blind yesterday... Thanks for the answer. Hm... I don't want to auction my stuff... I am looking for a contrib, where the user can auction his stuff. Is there a contrib for this? Descriptions are lacking precise information on oscommerce contrib pages in general...
  5. Hunnenkoenig


    Ehm... stupid question, but how do I start an auction as a user? And in admin if I click in catalog the auction link (which has no text) i get the error (includes/languages/english/auctions.php) no such file. I searched in the install files, but I don't find an auctions.php language file at all.
  6. Hunnenkoenig


    WoW! Fast reply! Thanks! It worked. I was searching the topic, but I didn't find anything, because I didn't know, how is the exact wording in english for the error message.
  7. Hunnenkoenig


    I installed the contrib. I uploaded the files etc. Everything was fine. After I install the database settings, i get the following in a browser window (roughly translated from german): Incorrect coding of content The site you want to open, can not be viewed as an invalid or unknown form of compression used. The requested page can not be displayed because an invalid or unsupported form of compression used. What went wrong?
  8. Hunnenkoenig

    V2.2 RC2 Paypal function?

    I looked into the code and there were some references to shipping and taxes. One customer I have knowledge about, used the express checkout, and his paypal account got debited, but I didn't get a notification, nor the purchase is showing anywhere. I don't even know, what he has bought. The money on his end got frozen, but I didn't receive it. I am waiting for his call to get known, which amount he got debited and for what. I think, this contrib is a total failure. It's also not clear, what I have to do on paypal's side. I got the credentials and I enabled the API permissions (which I don't know if I really need), but i don't know what's going on. Paypal is also a horrible solution in my opinion. I had always problems with them. My initial money transfer for registering my credit card never shown up on my account although it was mentioned. I also got debited twice. Once with the initial transfer (400HUF - Hungarian Forint) and once for 1 dollar (266 HUF). I contacted support and they transfered manually 400HUF back to my credit card instead of my paypal account. A bunch of jerks. So if you can, avoid paypal, or be prepared for problems. I will write here, what the contrib did, when I can clear it with the customer.
  9. Hunnenkoenig

    Which paypal module to install?

    I have a webstore based in hungary. I have a standard merchant account with paypal (which has no monthly fee). I want to use express checkout and I tried to install one of the modules from here, but it didn't work. Now I found a module on paypal's official site but there is US and UK, but no "international" or such. What does this UK/US mean? If I am not in the US or UK I can't use it or what? My currencies are in HUF, EUR and USD and standard currency is EUR. I assume the UK thing uses GBP. How can I change that? Do I need to change that? So many confusion. Please help!
  10. Hunnenkoenig

    V2.2 RC2 Paypal function?

    Does the express checkout module add shipping costs and other things, like coupons etc to the end sum of the purchase? I think not. As far as I can see, it goes to paypal directly from the shopping cart and uses the adress on the credit card or the paypal account and that's it. But how does it know my shipping price? I couldn't try, but I need this info. If it only pays the item without shipping costs, then it's useless, because I can't tell the customer, he needs to send extra X dollar for shipping. Please somebody, who knows that help!
  11. Hunnenkoenig


    Great contrib. How can I split banner pages? I have many different banners for categories, because of 3 languages and many categories. How can I add a function, which splits the page after - let's say - 6 banners and gives a link to the bottom for the next page? Any help would be appreciated. It would be even better, if on the categorie banner page I could see my categories and only if I click the category, I get the banners only for that category. The page splitting function would be still nice also on those pages.
  12. Hunnenkoenig

    Header Tags SEO

    I don't see the info_page.php in the list in Header Tags SEO admin. How can I add it to the list? Everything works fine, but my info pages don't get keywords, just products new , -ITEM TITLE- I deleted "keywords1,keywords2 from the database, but I would love to get keywords for my products at least based on the description on the page. How can I manage that? Thanks for the contrib!
  13. Hunnenkoenig

    First order discount

    I am looking for this too. I believe to remember that I have read something like this on the contribution list, but I can'T find it anymore.
  14. Hunnenkoenig

    [Contribution] Additional Images Module

    I solved the problem by reinstalling the whole thing from backup and make the modification again. Now it works. Thanks!
  15. Hunnenkoenig

    [Contribution] Additional Images Module

    Thanks for reply! I solved the problem. Now I have another problem: I have this same issue. The funny thing is, It worked fine until I deleted all oscommerce items which came with the initial install and tried to set up my own products. Now I don't get an image on info page at all. Not even the originally uploaded image.
  16. Hunnenkoenig

    Problems integrating ClickandBuy into my osCommerce Shop

    Clickandbuy has a special offer for oscommerce users http://www.clickandbuy.com/EU/en//oscommerce.html no setup costs, only 1,9% comission, no monthly fees (I am not an affiliate of clickandbuy :D ) ----- I want to use their offer, but I have problems with integration. It seems to work, but I am not sure, if it really works. They always talk about a transaction link, but they never say, what does it mean for osCommerce users. Now my transaction link is set to my domain (http://www.mystore.com), but I am not sure if it is enough. If I use the checkout process, I get a site wich seems to be the checkout site of clickandbuy, because there is the price I have in the shopping cart, but there is no description of the product, just the word I used in the setup process. I didn't dare to make the purchase, because clickandbuy has no testing function, except you call them and let them put your shop into testing state. So, does anybody have an idea, how to set up ClickAndBuy right?
  17. Hunnenkoenig

    [Contrib] Dynamic Text Replacement with images

    Is it just me, or is the zip file on the contribution page really empty? I can't see anything in it.
  18. Hunnenkoenig

    [Contribution] Additional Images Module

    You are welcome! :-) Thanks for the cool contribution! I installed this contribution. It was a bit difficult, because I have many other contribs installed, but now it works somehow. Not exactly, how it supposed to, but I can live with it. Now I have the problem that if I auto upload 3 images (I really get 4 images, but that's not the problem, I just don't understand why), on the rewiev page i get a popup picture from a 2kb very small pic. Popup doesn't work for me on the product info page (probably because I messed around with the code to fit the other contribs), so I use the "one big and 3 thumb" solution on the product info. Now my question is, what determines, which pictures is used in popup windows? The second question is, how can I remove the links from the thumbnails' description on product info page? They are useless without popup window. Thanks for reply in advance! -------------------- You could write, how you figured out, maybe other people have the same problem. It's a bit selfish to tell "i figured out" and leave :-P
  19. Hunnenkoenig

    [Contribution] Additional Images Module

    Don't know if this is already answered, but here is a possible solution (I had the same problem): Set your admin language to ENGLISH. If you use another language in admin, the config tool won't show up, because there are no language files for it in different languages. I made the experience that in 80% der cases if you get a blank page in oscommerce, it's something with language files.
  20. Hunnenkoenig


    Thanks for this! I also had the problem with email after signup not showing account informations. This affiliate contribution is way the worst of all bad programmed contributions! I am installing it since 2 days. I experienced every single error described in this thread.
  21. Hunnenkoenig


    Now I managed all the errors I discovered until now. If somebody have issues with STS4 and popup windows for help textes, here is a solution from another topic, which worked like a charm for me. My code looks now: if (strstr($scriptbasename, "popup")|| strstr($scriptbasename, "affiliate_help")|| strstr($scriptbasename, "info_shopping_cart")) return ''; // We don't use template for these scripts
  22. Hunnenkoenig

    [Contribution] STS v4

    You made a spot in the line of my personal heroes, sir. Thank you!
  23. Hunnenkoenig


    Can't edit anymore. I included the database names not in admin/includes/database_tables, but in catalog/include/database_tables.php and now I don't get the error, but the page is blank after the signup. As I said, this is the worst contribution install until now, and I have installed plenty of them.
  24. Hunnenkoenig


    I have the same errors with TABLE_AFFILIATE doesn't exist and I can tell you, I have read the install file, but there is no word about manually adding variables into different php pages. This is not the first time, I have to edit php files for this contribution based on forum postings, because the install file don't even mention it. It's a very bad written instruction. I hope, the contribution works better than the install. Thanks for the help anyways. I will try to manually edit this. EDIT: Nope, it doiesn't work. The tables are defined in affiliate_application_top.php and even if I add the database tables to admin/includes/database_tables.php, it doesn't help.
  25. Hunnenkoenig


    I have the same problem, like trstone This is the index.php in the latest osCommerce release. There are no such lines, described in the install file. I also would like to know, what to do now. It has 122 lines. EDIT: I am an idiot. There is an index file for RC 2.2 on the contribution site.