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  1. sjcollier

    PayFlo Pro from Verisign

    Two questions 1) Anyone had huge success in configuring PayFlo Pro with Verisign on their osCommerce site? 2) Who did you use to get your Merchant account? We are currently using Authorize.Net and Wells Fargo, however, they will not accept International orders from several countries. I called Verisign and they said they accept every country known to mankind. Thanks, Jason Collier
  2. sjcollier

    Which merchant to choose?

    If you have a business account with a bank, check with them. We used Wells Fargo and they have a relationship with Authorize.net Now we bank with JP Morgan Chase & Co and they use Paymentech with Authorize.net The higher you can get to the top 3 merchant providers, the less fees you will get stuck with, in my opinion. Jason Collier http://www.CertFX.com
  3. sjcollier

    Someone find me an account !

    If you have a business account with Wells Fargo you can get setup really easy. We have used Authorize.Net via Wells Fargo and now via Paymentech for quite some time and are very happy. Jason Collier
  4. sjcollier

    Mod for PHPbb contrib in OSC

    Craig, Let me know if you get this working, as I am wanting to install this contribution as well. Jason Collier http://www.CertFX.com
  5. sjcollier

    Charge for shipping only - Item Free

    Another simple way is to say the Catalog is free and you are simply charging the cost of shipping for the item. Make the item the cost of the shipping Jason Collier http://www.CertFX.com
  6. sjcollier

    Paymentech - Orbital Gateway

    Does anyone have any information on using osCommerce with Paymentech. It looks like they call their payment gateway "Orbital Gateway" Thanks! http://www.paymentech.com/sol_eco_page.jsp Jason Collier