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  1. Django.1

    Information Pages Unlimited v1.0

    Hello, I am having the same problem as Andy. After installing this contri (2.05) I go into my admin and choose the option "Info manager" and then get the following error. Is there anyone who knows the solution?
  2. Hello, the problem I have has been posted several times in this topic but never answered. After installing this great contri I get the "Available Options" double. So, probably the original OScommerce options menu and the QTPro menu. See picture. I've been searching for days and tried a lot changes in the product_info.php but I can't get it right. Also used Beyond compare to see the differences between my original file and the altered QTPro file but I don't know what to change. Is there anybody who can set me in the right direction.
  3. Django.1

    [contribution] Send_order_html_email

    Hello Coopco, Thanks very much for your reply. You put me in the right direction. In y manuel ther was nothing about "create account"changes. So I downloaded the latest version and opened the manuel and there was the section describing how to change the create account.php. Everything is working fine now. Thanks for your help.
  4. Django.1

    [contribution] Send_order_html_email

    I've read the enclosed manuel several times and there's nothing about includes/languages/english/create_account.php. The only file I can find in the manuel that needs changing is catalog/create_account.php So, probably there is something missing. I'm using 'Send HTML Email V2' with Os 2.2 RC2a.
  5. Django.1

    [contribution] Send_order_html_email

    Still haven't found a solution for this problem. Modified two different stores with it (from scratch) and both of them give the same error. The rest of the html mails work fine but only the confirmation email after creating a new account gives this error. Someone a solution?
  6. Django.1

    [contribution] Send_order_html_email

    Hi Nathali, Thanx for your reply. I installed it twice, step by step but still get the confirmation emails I mentioned above. Would be nice if someone can put me in the right direction.
  7. Django.1

    [contribution] Send_order_html_email

    Hello, I've got this great contribution working because of all the reactions on this topic. Only having a major problem for wich I can't find the solution. After a new customer creates an account he/she receives an confirmation email, normally. But in my case they only receive the following text; VARTABLE1 VARLOGO VARTABLE2 EMAILGREET_MS EMAILWELCOMEEMAILTEXTEMAILCONTACTEMAILWARNING EMAIL_TEXT_FOOTER Is there anyone who has the solution to this problem?
  8. After a new customer has created a new account they get an confirmation email. After I installed this great contri the confirmation emails display the following text. VARTABLE1 VARLOGO VARTABLE2 EMAILGREET_MR EMAILWELCOMEEMAILTEXTEMAILCONTACTEMAILWARNING EMAIL_TEXT_FOOTER Anyone familiar with this problem or knows what I've done wrong?