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    All Payments Processed Offline

    Ok, I've decided to give a better explanation... We want to use the shopping cart in a standard matter, however, when it comes to the payment processing, we DO NOT want the card to be authorized or captured. We want to do the authorization and capturing through a separate processing unit that does not have a website integration feature. We would still use and SSL and follow every other standard procedure of the shopping cart. Hopefully this explains the circumstances better. We in no way want to collect and store billing information.
  2. Art Clay World

    All Payments Processed Offline

    Hey Spike, Unfortunately, no I haven't had any reasonable responses. I understand everyone's concerns about security, but I don't think that they realize exactly what I'm trying to do. Although, you would figure that there are more than a few stores out there that still utilize a SSL for encrypting the data transmission. Actually, our current shopping cart splits the information so that it splits the payment information into an email with the expiration date and verification code, whereas the card number is encrypted in the database. We actually have some pretty extreme security controls. The long and short, no help yet. I'll keep everyone posted if I figure something out or get any good advice.
  3. Art Clay World

    All Payments Processed Offline

    So far no luck :( I'm really hoping someone out there can help, as I can see that this may be a common question!
  4. Art Clay World

    All Payments Processed Offline

    We have decided to implement osCommerce on our website, but we do not want to process any payments directly online. We would rather receive all order information including payment type (MC, VISA, AMEX, DISC, PayPal, Check, Money Order, etc.) and payment information. I'm sure you're going to ask why, and the reason is simple. We have an internal accounting software that we HAVE to enter all order information into and it has it's own payment gateway and virtual terminal. Since we have to enter all the information, we would rather receive only the order information and process it through the accounting software. This also allows us to modify any pricing or order totals before processing the payment. In addition, it allows other businesses that have "net terms" or that pay by check to use the shopping cart but not have to pay at the time the order is submitted. So, the question is there a module that has been created that bypasses the payment processing or is this as simple as not setting up the payment processing portion of osCommerce? Any advice or assitance is greatly appreciated! Mike