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  1. mlulm

    Page cache by Chemo

    I've got the page cache working fine on everything, but it doesn't cache the all_products.php contribution for me. Anyone else have this problem, or know why it doesn't cache this page?
  2. I would like to add a tracking parameter like "?ref=1234" to the end of the urls. It takes them OK, but it doesn't get added in the translated url. It may have something to do with the acually url already has the "?" in the url, "?product_id", and any other param's should then start with an "&" . Hopefully someone has an idea.
  3. mlulm

    Faster Page Loads

    I installed this and it created the cache file and seems to be working, except I don't see any speed up? I run a program that checks if my site is up and running, during which it also reports the speed. But it looks about the same. Anybody have any ideas why?