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  1. I'm having a problem with this module adding itself to my other shipping methods. In other words, if I have a rate set for the Indiividual Shipping, it's added to the total for other options USPS Choice. So instead of someone getting the calculated USPS total, they get the calculated USPS total PLUS the flat rate specified by this (individual shipping) contribution. It doesn't seem to matter what zone I have set for Individual Shipping. If I disable the module without uninstalling it, I still get the amount added to the other methods. If I set the individual shipping value to zero, I then get a normal rate for my other options. I have to completely uninstall AND set the values to zero to get a normal rate for my other methods. Very odd, very bad, & unusable.
  2. This is sad. I'm trying to use 4.3. International works fine, but Domestic throws the standard error on the customer side.
  3. I have no idea what this means...but I installed the latest USPS shipping module and I get this error when I click the Edit button to configure the module. Fatal error: Call to undefined function tep_cfg_multiinput_list() in /home/cdifoton/public_html/buy/admin/modules.php(233) : eval()'d code on line 1
  4. Have you guys checked to make sure it's not something simple like the API URL in the payment module file? If you're using an older install this may be the reason for a sudden loss of service. I uploaded a full package to the contribution's page with the changes that work for me. In the one I initially downloaded, the URLs for test and live APIs were reversed, causing an error message.
  5. Solution posted on the contribution's download page:
  6. Is there a way to tweak this module so that my store never stores the credit card information? I look at the order page and it's right there plain as day and I don't like it. I don't want to see or store this information at all.
  7. Oh and make sure you do this at (the actual website) in your admin/settings, especially if you're getting kicked back to the login page after hitting Confirm Order:;#entry858160
  8. Hey guys, I figured out what was wrong with Vger's contribution and why it won't work in live mode. Or at least, why it wasn't working for me. I've fixed it and uploaded a complete package that works right out of the box: I don't know a thing about Ponce's version, but this one works now. For those who already installed this, the fix is extremely simple: in includes/modules/payment/authorizenet_aim.php around line 301 change this: if (MODULE_PAYMENT_AUTHORIZENET_AIM_TESTMODE == 'Test') { $url = ''; // If this does not work then change 'secure' to 'certification' on this line } else { //$url = ''; $url = ''; } to this: if (MODULE_PAYMENT_AUTHORIZENET_AIM_TESTMODE == 'Test') { $url = ''; // If this does not work then change 'secure' to 'certification' on this line } else { $url = ''; //$url = ''; } Enjoy. :)
  9. I uploaded a fixed package:
  10. OK this worked for me...using the stock module (not SIM or AIM).
  11. I noticed on my system that client is forced logout and shown the login page immediately after clicking Confirm Order and the payment going through, instead of the final "Thanks!" confirmation page. I have no idea what would be causing this. Really wish was better supported here.
  12. Same here actually, and I'm only trying to use the default module, not a fancy one. Payment good, no order showing. Customer cart still contains items.
  13. Mine's duplicating the rates as well ever since upgrading to 2.07.1. So odd.
  14. Based on this line: FunctionName in D:\Web\usedkidsbooks\admin\froogle.php it sounds like you have a configuration set wrong in the admin/froogle.php file.