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Status Updates posted by multimixer

  1. jQuery tips: Rounded corners for osCommerce boxes http://goo.gl/QHu7F

  2. updated: making a #osCommerce template step by step http://goo.gl/GTwMC


    #osCommerce http://t.co/pZCYqh0 Make your store prettier while drinking a coffee


    #osCommerce basics: add google analytics to your store http://bit.ly/k87LZ7


  5. Step by step: Making an osCommerce template http://bit.ly/mQgsvG

    1. multimixer


      Hi Chris. I won't comment on the price or anything related to mini template system, it's not the right place here to do it.


      Purpose of the linked blog post is to show what is possible to do with osCommerce, to give some tips and maybe some inspiration.


      You can do it with or without mini template system, the post explains how to do it without it.


      Any commercial links are marked and there is no reason to click them

    2. Guest


      Sorry George, I just thought it was a nice add on but the price would be a point of contention for most.

    3. multimixer


      Chris, you are welcome to make any comments on my blog so I can reply.


      Please, let's keep this area here free of any commercial discussions

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  6. Did it became a bit more quiet in the forum, or is it just my impression?

    1. Guest


      You are correct George, it is a little slow on the forum lately.

    2. germ


      Slow??!!?? If the forum was an airplane it would be taking bird strikes in the tail....


    #oscommerce v3 (aka Hawaii) remembers to the Greek economy sanitation plan: "We have a solid base, up to the people to make it work"


    #oscommerce Hawaii version: Only for developers but not only for Hawaiians

  9. I'm like sure that half of the people who "can't wait" to start using version 3, don't have php5.3 on their server

  10. osC v3: the initial v3.0 release will not contain sufficient user features to be able to run an Online Shop on. :( http://goo.gl/lK6GN

    1. multimixer


      Let's hope it will, by the end of April

  11. Equal height for osCommerce product listing boxes http://bit.ly/fqIbjt

  12. Link manager and menu creator for osCommerce. Take a look at my blog

    1. multimixer


      Would it be ok to add the url here? or not?

    1. Biancoblu


      interesting info, thank you for sharing, and congrats on your site for its informative articles.

  13. How to get a new theme for your osCommerce store http://multimixer.gr/?p=572

  14. is a proud sponsor of this community now

  15. is not counting clients and not hunting wolfs

  16. συν Αθηνά και χείρα κίνει

  17. ... is back, hello to all

  18. great news ! Very exited to know v6 is on the way :)