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Status Updates posted by multimixer


    #osCommerce http://t.co/pZCYqh0 Make your store prettier while drinking a coffee


    #osCommerce basics: add google analytics to your store http://bit.ly/k87LZ7



    #oscommerce Hawaii version: Only for developers but not only for Hawaiians


    #oscommerce v3 (aka Hawaii) remembers to the Greek economy sanitation plan: "We have a solid base, up to the people to make it work"

  5. ... is back, hello to all

  6. A few days off for Greek Easter on May 5. Will be back on Tuesday

    1. Guest


      Happy Holidays George. Enjoy !

    2. Biancoblu


      Kaló Páscha George...bring us back some sunshine, it's pouring here!!

  7. Amazing, paper age: http://vimeo.com/57175742

    1. MrPhil


      Cool CGI, but it would be wa-a-a-ay cooler as real stop-action origami!

    2. joli1811


      Weird thanks for sharing

    3. multimixer


      There is a part 2 also, looks like creator does not really like google :)

  8. Back to work again, sea and sun available via pm :)

  9. Did it became a bit more quiet in the forum, or is it just my impression?

    1. Guest


      You are correct George, it is a little slow on the forum lately.

    2. germ


      Slow??!!?? If the forum was an airplane it would be taking bird strikes in the tail....

  10. Did you know? Operands of modulus are converted to integers (by stripping the decimal part) before processing

    1. multimixer


      PHP say: "never trust floating number results to the last digit, and do not compare floating point numbers directly for equality."


      (0.6 / 0.1) != round(0.6 / 0.1)

    2. multimixer


      multimixer say: bcmod

  11. Equal height for osCommerce product listing boxes http://bit.ly/fqIbjt

  12. First "material design" project completed.

  13. Full steam: 2 more responsive stores today, more to come tomorrow, time for some ouzo now

    1. altoid


      Nice work and congrats on the responsive template roll out.

    2. Mort-lemur


      Great work George, love the updated system


    3. MrPhil


      Ouzo? Friends don't let friends code drunk!

  14. great news ! Very exited to know v6 is on the way :)

  15. Great to see some positive feedback about developers and their services posted to the forum.

    1. altoid


      the forum should seek the best of both worlds..free flow of open source coding while at the same time recognizing and supporting the professionals

  16. Happy new year 2016

    1. Mort-lemur


      Same to you George and to everyone

    2. Gyakutsuki


      Happy new year for all the communities, and my wish is a new osc 2.4 soon !

    3. Dan Cole

      Dan Cole

      I'm in...Happy NEW YEAR everyone!

  17. How about a osCommerce meeting in Greece this summer?

    1. multimixer


      Sun + Sea + Ouzo + seafood = osCommerce meeting

    2. Nico01


      Hallo George,


      would be a great idea.

      I have greek roots, but far away now.

      Oh I miss our wine and olive oil.

      Sometimes I get wet eyes.

      I miss Greece.


      I will stay in contact


  18. How to get a new theme for your osCommerce store http://multimixer.gr/?p=572

  19. I'm like sure that half of the people who "can't wait" to start using version 3, don't have php5.3 on their server