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  1. 16 hours ago, 2skys said:

    is this possible with option types?

    Any type of custom price calculation based on options is possible, you just need to be clear how exactly the final price is "constructed"




  2. Only in the admin area two files (admin\includes\boxes\tools.php and admin\includes\languages\english.php) must be changed to add a new entry to the tools box.


    No need for that either, you can avoid modifying any file. Create a new (sub)box file + corresponding language file

      foreach ( $cl_box_groups as &$group ) {
        if ( $group['heading'] == BOX_HEADING_TOOLS ) {
          $group['apps'][] = array('code' => 'popup_manager.php',
                                   'title' => MODULES_ADMIN_MENU_TOOLS_POPUP_MANAGER,
                                   'link' => tep_href_link('popup_manager.php'));

  3. You can't display 3 modules of "half width" in a row: 3 x 0,5 = 1,5


    Beside that, it looks that you didn't change the paypal login to unsemantic, you have

    <div class="contentContainer grid-50">
    <div class="contentContainer grid-50">
    <div class="contentContainer grid_8">

    In regular 960 the grids total must be 24, in unsemantic I guess 100

  4. I assume that you are trying to install this for "educational purposes" as per their conditions ?


    Your problems are probably because what you are trying to install is a complete store - not a template - that is based on a older osCommerce version


    You should get in touch with them for further advice and support, since this is a 3rd party commercial product, it can't be discussed on the forum


    If you decide to go with a a well supported and working solution, then check please the osCommerce partners for templates


    You can also learn to design your self, it is not that hard as it sound, here is a book that will help you


    You can also design your store without spending any money, you just need to invest some time and will to learn, you can always check the forum and ask your questions here, there are many people who will help you 

  5. it seems that I have missed one edit.





    there is an error in step 2. I must have been in real hurry posting this contribution, anyway correct query is:




    sorry remove that zones part, it was left there accidentally



    I'm sorry, but no


    This type of "add ons", uploaded in a "hurry" as you say, with missing code parts and other code parts damaging peoples databases are exactly what should not be in the add ons area


    People will spend hours trying to install this and end up with a broken store as @@bkiani just posted. Such a store, big or small, may me the way someone makes his living, this is not a game here


    There is of course the users responsibility, to take a backup before doing anything or leave it at all if he has no idea, but, at the other hand, there is also the contributors responsibility, to make sure that what they upload is working correctly


    You didn't test - enough - what you uploaded and you didn't check at all what you are posting here. What is now with OP's database? It's damaged because of your advise, given in a "hurry". Are you going to help him to restore?