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  1. Did you know? Operands of modulus are converted to integers (by stripping the decimal part) before processing

    1. multimixer


      PHP say: "never trust floating number results to the last digit, and do not compare floating point numbers directly for equality."


      (0.6 / 0.1) != round(0.6 / 0.1)

    2. multimixer


      multimixer say: bcmod

  2. multimixer

    How to change logo (image)

    Well, you just got a free template and first thing you want to do is, to remove any reference to the one who gave you that free template and any reference to osCommerce you give you the whole software also for free. Is there nothing else to do on the store? Anyway, I think you should ask them about how to modify their template
  3. multimixer

    Language change

    Please dont make a separate post for each page you want to translate in your store You can find answers to your similar topics here and here and here One more time: You need either to install a Korean language pack from the addons area or to translate your self ALL files in folder catalog/includes/languages/your_language/ and the file catalog/includes/languages/your_language.php
  4. multimixer

    Languages change

    Reading also your other post, you need to translate all files in folder catalog/includes/languages/your_language/ and the file catalog/includes/languages/your_language.php
  5. multimixer

    Need to add form to os2.2

    The system is looking for FILENAME_SYCLUB and can't find it. It actually "don't know" what it is, that mean that is is not defined as it should in file includes/filenames.php
  6. multimixer

    Need to add form to os2.2

    Creating a new file include following actions 1) Make a copy of an existing file (eg of contact_us.php) and name it eg new_file.php - This you did so far 2) Do the same for the corresponding language file, so you should have a file in includes/languages/english/new_file.php - This is the second error you get 3) Define that file in file includes/filenames.php , in the same way it is done for all other files - This is the first error you get So, just 2 more steps to do :)
  7. multimixer

    Create account and Order Maker

    Heather, I'm sorry, but what I see is just wrong. Didn't look what the file does, just the display. It may work, but it is not correct. Look at the </head> and </body> tags you have in the files, in the same time you are calling includes/template_top.php that is supposet to give the complete <head></head> and open the <body> tag Same for template_bottom.php and what you have in the file end Any comments refer to what OP posted, assumed that they are addon files, didn't download your addon
  8. Did you check the file permissions for the template file?
  9. multimixer

    Create account and Order Maker

    I don't know about the error, but what I can say is, don't use it, remove it, whoever tried to change it to version 2.3.1 did it completely wrong
  10. What addon did you install? I mean, you need to provide some basic info about what exactly you did and what is missing/not working, how else can somebody help you?
  11. multimixer

    Need to add form to os2.2

    This look like a "contact us" form, hat sends an email upon submission You can reuse the contact_us.php, make a copy, rename it to eg club.php, add more fields to it and finish :)
  12. multimixer

    Need A Template...Tired Of The Stock Look

    Best way to find out is to use google and then contact and ask
  13. multimixer

    SEO Addons and Meta Tags

    That's how people make money
  14. multimixer

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    You need to update the file now to version 2.3.1 Use a file-comparison program, there are just a couple of changes to do
  15. multimixer

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    Click on the "history" tab of the pld version and you will see all previous uploads. Pick the latest uploaded by zappo
  16. multimixer

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    @@ToneDJ Try to download the latest version uploaded by Zappo
  17. multimixer

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    I would suggest this
  18. multimixer

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    Read here for the solution
  19. multimixer

    Pay by credit card

    Your paypal account is at paypal.com
  20. multimixer

    Featured Products Add-On

    You need to do the same in admin catalog/admin/includes/database_tables.php The error showing the table name in capital letters mean that the constant is not defined Error has nothing to do with any sql so far
  21. multimixer

    Featured Products Add-On

    Check if you have TABLE_FEATURED defined in file catalog/includes/database_tables.php
  22. multimixer

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    I would say that it work perfectly fine with version 2.3.1 To your question: Yes, I have it running on many stores I would still go some pages back in this topic here to check for fixes/improvements that have not been included into the 2.3.1 version of the addon. An issue could be with file classes/shopping_cart.php (as some users reported), my suggestion about is here
  23. multimixer

    error spanish language

    You have a completely different issue, read the answers to your others posts
  24. multimixer

    New Adsense Infobox (the second one)

    It's very easy to create one your self, take a look here