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    discount for manufacturers?

    Well, your developer is partially right: a good part of the addons are made by hobby programmers, have coding mistakes or in the best case bad practices, a big part has no support etc At the other hand, they are not meant to be used by developers. They are meant for store owners who would not be able to create any functionality themselves A developer don't need to follow any addon practices "blind" and it's his own decision to use a particular addon as is, to use it as a base for his own modifications or not to use it at all and create his own functionality For sure you can't say that none of the addons work. Your developers statement is insulting for all those people who delivered and keep delivering quality addons, there are 1000's of stores working with them Regarding the statement "Use at your own risk", yes that is true, this is for all addons, even for osCommerce it self In any case, your developer need to deliver a solution and make sure that this solution work. You don't care if he'll use an addon or what exactly he will do. You have a need, developer should cover the need and make sure that there is "no risk" I don't know your exact agreement with your developer and why he don't do what you need. However, right now there are 2 options - you learn to do this kind of things your self - you pay somebody else for this (in this case you can post to the commercial support section o the forum) About how to create a copy of your store, there are several topics that cover this, it's the same procedure like moving the store from one host to an other, or for installing the store on xampp etc, you can use that keywords for searching
  2. multimixer

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    Heather, I would suggest not to "drop on top" anything. What I would do is - compare file from zappos package with rc2a file - figure out the chages - apply changes accordingly to the 2.3.1 file
  3. multimixer

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    @@dailce I would suggest you use the complete folder for attribute manager that came with option types. This does not include improvements and corrections I posted to this topic a year ago, maybe even longer
  4. multimixer

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    @@dailce I would suggest you use the attribute manager files from the option types package, because they work just fine for me You need to create the options for text etc, using the regular attributes page. Once this is done, you can use the attribute manager to add that options to any product, the value that appear is CUSTOMER_INPUT If you have issues with this, then maybe something else is wrong
  5. multimixer

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    @@dailce There shouldn't be any difference, however - do modifications to admin/categories.php as per option types instructions (should be same as what you have) - Upload attribute manager folder (I don't know if there are any differences in the files, you could compare them, but finally you'll use the files of option types package) - Do the changes to admin/includes/template_top.php as described here (should be same as what you have)
  6. multimixer

    discount for manufacturers?

    Well, everything is possible with a monster template, you never know :) But seriously, the whole issue has nothing to to with a template or anything. It's all about pulling products of a specific manufacturer or category or whatever and adding them one by one to the specials table like regular specials In other words, instead of doing this manually, you let the script do it. This is a plain script/database interaction that happen in admin and does not affect the front side in any way I don't know this addon, but honestly, I don't see any reason why it should break your site, unless "your developer" saw some error in the code or something like this, well, even in this case it can be corrected Why don't you install it your self on a copy of your store? Then you'll know EDIT: you could let "your developer" participate at this discussion and explain, or at least he could tell you why he think so, then you could be more specific here
  7. multimixer

    discount for manufacturers?

    Why don't you just ask "your developer" to do this for you in any suitable way?
  8. multimixer

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    @@Mort-lemur Heather, I have no idea. It looks like the one output comes from includes/modules/option_types.php and the onrher one from product_infp.php directly Did you compare with zappos product_info.php ?
  9. multimixer

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    @@Finwood there is no file shoppingcart.php. You need to be clear about what file you edited (path to the file and correct filename)
  10. multimixer

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    Heather, no, there are no issues with any js used. Just merge the admin/categories.php file, make sure you have the attribute manager folder on the server and to admin/includes/template_top.php add just before </head> <?php //BOF option types v2 if ($PHP_SELF == 'categories.php' && ($_GET['pID']) && isset($_GET['action']) && ($_GET['action'] == 'new_product') ) { require_once( 'attributeManager/includes/attributeManagerHeader.inc.php' ); } //EOF option types v2 ?> and just after </head> add (replacing the <body>) <?php //BOF option types v2 if ($PHP_SELF == 'categories.php' && ($_GET['pID']) && isset($_GET['action']) && ($_GET['action'] == 'new_product') ) { echo '<body onLoad="goOnLoad();">'; } else { echo '<body>'; } //EOF option types v2 ?>
  11. multimixer

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    Heather, the admin/categories.php is not that different in the 231 version, so you could take the one from zappos package and merge manually. Same in any case for includes/classes/shopping_cart.php , I don't know about the other files The attribute manager it self is same, no need to edit anything
  12. multimixer

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    @@Mort-lemur There was no need for me to update anything at the attribute manager. Only changes to this are as per my older posts here regarding correct calculation of values, this is same for both versions. Those changes are not implemented in what Chris uploaded I don't use Chris version, but reading other peoples posts here, it seems that several parts are not working correctly, at least for the shopping cart class, so I would suggest, to use both packages, the last one uploaded by Zappo as a solid working base and Chris version, compare and proceed accordingly You could also say what is not working for you, changes in admin side are only regarding the admin layout, functionality is same
  13. Solutions and explanation here
  14. multimixer

    Member approval 1.5_4 Problem

    The addon you found is not for 2.3.1 Add this to the "apps" array array( 'code' => FILENAME_MEMBERS, 'title' => BOX_CUSTOMERS_APPROVAL, 'link' => tep_href_link(FILENAME_MEMBERS) )
  15. I would say it depend on the addon. What @@Jack_mcs said is valid for top level files From there on, there are addons that affect/involve eg boxes, that have again a different structure
  16. multimixer

    How to Specify Ounces Instead of Pounds

    The weight is just a number, a plain number, you can call it kg, pound anything you like. If something has a weight of 0.12, then just type into the weight field 0.12 Weight is used mainly in shipping calculations
  17. multimixer

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    @@Finwood You didn't define what TABLE_FILES_UPLOADED is, in file catalog/includes/database_tables.php , should be in the instructions or the files supplied
  18. ... and it don't work, from what you say at least I would suggest to get the people you just paid to get your store working
  19. multimixer

    Problem with umlauts UltimateSeoUrls5PRO_r205

    You need to check 2 things - is your language same as the filename of folder /character_conversion/ ? If eg you have language german, then you need also a file character_conversion/german.php, for swahili you need character_conversion/swahili.php etc - is there a coversion for the charecters in question in the file? Eg, for your english.php, is character ü converted to ue ? You need to open the file and check this
  20. multimixer

    Moving Category Titles

    Can you say one more time what exactly you want to move, from where to where, and in what way you tried to do it? Then you could also explain what "it does not work" mean: Does something happen or nothing? And what do you expect to happen? Is your computer falling apart or running away, or start playing music, or what else is happening?
  21. multimixer

    shipping modules

    heck your settings regarding zones for your shipping modules
  22. multimixer

    Shipping based on weight

    Did you declare anywhere what $shipping_weight is ? How should the system know that you mean the total weight of the order (or maybe a specific product - you didn't make this clear) ? PHP does not speak english, so just because you call your variable $shipping_weight, it means nothing. You could call it $kuku, but you need to say what it is In the condition you had in your old store ( $order->info['total']>= 100 ), the system "go" to class order, that is in file includes/classes/order.php and pulls the value from there. The value get calculated at the bottom of the file and added to the array named "info", so you can use $order->info['total'] Right now, there is no such calculation for the total weight of a order, but there is a value for the weight of a specific product. So you could have $order->products[$i]['weight'] To use this, you need to loop through all products of an order of course (that is the meaning of the $i, it count each element of the products array In case you need the total weight of an order, you would need to add up the weight for each product and return a new value for total_weight or something You can see how this is done for the subtotal ( $this->info['subtotal'] += $shown_price; ) and do the same for the weight UPDATE: The cart class calculates already the weight, so you could use that
  23. I don't know about the opencart extension, but I know a way how this can be done in osCommerce easily. Unfortunately I can't post anything to here, because it is connected with a commercial osCommerce extension, you could however google for something like "osCommerce page profiles"
  24. multimixer

    dot decimal quantities

    @@ellypho , There is no addon existing. This is something I did my self, that will make it to an addon maybe For now it is in test mode and there are are a couple of issues to correct before the above site goes live