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  1. multimixer

    Free Template

    There is no working osCommerce 3 (in the meaning of production ready) so I guess there is no template either
  2. multimixer

    osc 2.3.1 Unique Order Number

    Maybe the addon does not allow 2 orders the same day? If order number is 9292012 = 29 9 2012, so, something not correct with the order numbers
  3. multimixer

    [Addon] PDF Datasheet

    @@UsingOSC Since your issues are connected to MTS modules, I would suggest you contact MTS support :)
  4. multimixer

    Software License Terms

    The addon support topic here
  5. multimixer

    PayPal Express Checkout + 3,5%

    paypal user agreement, point 4.6
  6. multimixer

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    You need to apply the same modifications done to catalog/checkout+process.php to the files of the email addon you use
  7. multimixer

    Problems with the German language pack

    The encoding has nothing to do with the errors you get The first set of errors is because your store is version 2.3.3 while the language pack version 2.3.1. Version 2.3.3 introduced 5 new modules, 2 "header tags" and 3 "social bookmarks". Each of that modules need its own language file for each language. What you ned to do is, to copy over the new module language files into the same location of the /german/ language directory The new modules are: catalog/includes/modules/social_bookmarks/ sb_pinterest.php sb_google_plus_share.php sb_google_plus_one.php catalog/includes/modules/header_tags/ ht_canonical.php ht_robot_noindex.php You could translate the corresponding language files or just copy paste them Second error is probably some unescaped quote (') or similar in file catalog/admin/includes/languages/german/define_language.php, open the file and check it from line 19 to the top
  8. There are settings about removing or not certain characters/words, check them
  9. There are many "clichés" going around, like that divs are good while tables are bad There is a lot that you can do with tables that you could never do with divs in a reasonable way and opposite. It all depends on the data Above article linked by @@burt is very good
  10. multimixer

    Help with Dynamic Template System by FoxP2

    Well, fact is that the slashes are causing the issue, maybe better you post in the addons support topic
  11. Yes, that's true, it's all in one file completely visible where the tables, trs and tds start and end that can be replaced with anything, it's up to the styling target
  12. Version 2.3 does not use the boxes class at all, it's all a plain loop within file product_listing.php, anything can be changed in there, divs, uls, whatever
  13. File includes/modules/product_listing.php is the only file responsible for the product listing html Where exactly are your issues with that file? Where exactly is the "spaghetti code" in that file? For what reason do you want a div layout? I mean, what do you want to achieve visually on the screen? Is it a listing in "grid" mode? Did you check the addons? There are at least 2 addons that create a grid listing. I know really many osCommerce stores that use a variety of listing styles including alot of fancy stuff like a listing switch table/grid etc etc, so it doesn't sound like people giving up on this. Maybe instead of blaming the code and osCommerce you could invest more time trying to understand it? Anyway, could you share what you did so far?
  14. multimixer

    Help with Dynamic Template System by FoxP2

    Where are all that slashes (///) coming from? Did you open the .sql file in anything else than a plain text editor? Download a fresh sql file and go on as follows - open phpMyAdmin - select your database - click "import" on top - press the "choose file" button and select the sql file on your computer - press "go"
  15. multimixer

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    I have no idea how the instructions look like an what is included in the package I can just repeat the suggestion to use the "old" original upload by zappo as a reference and for comparison purposes (in particular for file includes/classes/hopping_cart.php, several users had problems with that file before)
  16. This happen using the function tep_create_sort_heading()
  17. The missing language files are not part of an addon, but part of the osCommerce 2.3.3 upgrade The language pack is version 2.3.1 while your store is version 2.3.3 You need to update the italian language pack doing the same additions as for English, you can check the upgrade documentation
  18. multimixer

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    @@hazard1988 For sure what you did was more than a "quick download and upload", the site would not work on the new server just like this. List your steps one by one, somewhere in there is the mistake you did
  19. multimixer

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    @@adam71o Did you create a folder named /temp/ within the /images/ folder? If yes, what are the folder permissions? You'll also need to create the folders /images/uploades/ and /images/options/
  20. Please post your issue to the option types support topic
  21. multimixer

    Language from 2.3.1 on 2.3.3

    You need to update the language pack with the changes done for version 2.3.3. Documentation
  22. multimixer

    Cannot put image into my catalog

    1) Each image should have a unique name, otherwise the next one you upload will overwrite he previous one. They all go to the same folder 2) Just uploading images via FTP (as I guess you did after renaming the images - not clear what you mean with "reinstall") doesn't work, because the "system", the database, doesn't now what image belong to what product. You need to upload each image for each product separately via admin. In that way the system creates a record in the database that say "image xy.jpg belong to product abc
  23. multimixer

    syntax error

    When does it show this error, in admin or the front side? If in admin, then check if the file catalog/admin/includes/languages/german.php is on the server
  24. multimixer

    dot decimal quantities

    @@modem2.0, no updates in this issue yet, need to find the time to finalize everything