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  1. some people just feel the need to put their two cents on everything

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      yes, and Russian :)

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      Mai Pen Rai favorite of mine use quite a lot saves a load of headaches.

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      Et tu, Brute?

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  2. multimixer

    [Addon] PDF Datasheet

    @@sandwick Please check your mail, I just sent you the solution for the issue
  3. multimixer

    SPPC 4.2.2. Questions

    @@ryan3 The code for catalog/admin/includes/boxes/customers.php didn't change from version 2.3.1 till 2.3.3 Are you sure you're not looking at the code for 2.2 ?
  4. multimixer

    Featured Product Support v1.5.4

    @@deejay23 Please check your other post here
  5. From what I see the add-on uses the old css of osCommerce 2.2 series, it doesn't follow the ui theme styling @@deejay23 Mike, since you use MTS, please contact support via email to get the featured products extension that you can configure then as you like in your admin. No code edits necessary
  6. multimixer

    Stock control contrib

    @@AliasDesignz.com You can post to the commercial support area
  7. Well, maybe this was the issue
  8. Which one? They are. You can search for add ons using the version drop down. Moreover, the osCommerce version each addon is made for is mentioned just under the addon name Concrete: Addon 7916: This is also one for version 2.2, you can't use it on version 2.3. On the addon page it says: "Ajax Attribute Price change for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2" Addon 8040 : This is for version 2.3 as stated and it is a complete package
  9. Ok, lets try to be specific The addon you linked to ( #8213 ) seem to be ok: - There are no issues with line breaks, both, installation instructions and the supplied file are correct - The add-on is made for version 2.2, this is clear on the addons page. Installation instructions refer naturally to version 2.2 that had "column files". You probably try to install this on version 2.3. You need either try to find an add-on for version 2.3 or convert it your self. This is however not a fault of the addon What is the one with the linebreaks issue?
  10. What addon are you talking about particularly?
  11. multimixer

    Quantity Price Break

    I would suggest to search the support topic for similar questions/answers and in case there isn't anything related, to post your questions to there. Link to the support topic is on the page where you downloaded the add-on
  12. multimixer

    Quantity Price Break

    Ok Matt, things are more clear now. What you got on the screen - the drastically changed admin screen - is a sql error, no wonder that things don't work The error is telling you that a table is missing in the database. Why this? Because probably you didn't "run" the sql file included in the add-on. You need to do this installation step, this will modify your database so it can work with the new files
  13. multimixer

    Quantity Price Break

    Matt, you need to describe what happened to admin layout and what "didn't work" mean :) There is also a support topic for this add-on, maybe someone else had the same issue, did you check?
  14. multimixer

    Quantity Price Break

    Can you say what the problem is?
  15. I think this is the default behaviour for logged in users. The system save the cart and "load" it again the next time the user login
  16. multimixer

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    @@soul21mate You don't copy anything, because STS don't work on version 2.3.x
  17. Instead of wasting the time to bump your post up, I would suggest to search for the addons support topic, look there for a possible solution and in case your issue has not been covered before to post then to that topic
  18. multimixer

    Google Analytics addon (2.3.1)

    @@UsingOSC First thing to check would be, to make sure that file catalog/includes/modules/header_tags/ht_google_analytics.php is on the server
  19. Not clear what you mean Say each item has a weight of 1.5 kg When you have 10 items in the cart, what is the weight you are getting, 1.5kg still or 15kg?
  20. You need to say what module and best is you post a link to it
  21. No idea what you did, but the error is telling you that file includes/languages/english/create_account.php is missing Place hat file back and this error will go away
  22. You don't need this addon Take a look at "modular front page"
  23. multimixer

    need some help buy some one please

    Well, maybe there is one for version 2.3 somewhere
  24. multimixer

    need some help buy some one please

    This would not be an upgrade in this case, but a downgrade, or better to ay "sidegrade" The template you found is based on a discontinued version of osCommerce, a development idea that got dropped and replaced by the actual v3, that is not production ready yet If you want a store today, then start with version 2.3.3, this is the only full working and supported osCommerce version today You don't need to use any version hat your host offer, who knows what this is, best is you download the latest version from here and install this You can then either customize it your self, or buy a template, best is you use google to find a template provider, just make sure that it is not just a reseller and hat there is support
  25. multimixer

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    @@DunWeb Hi Chris To be honest I don't know, never looked at the file, I can just see that there are several posts regarding the text options (text and textarea) not being transfered to the cart or empty cart issues, that's why my suggestion to compare with Zappo's package that work fine