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    [Contribution] STS v4

    @@TracyS Why don't you start a new topic with a drawing/image/mock up of what you want to achieve and the question how to do it? Would be a interesting topic I think and something like a design guide for all people with the same question I have also a post with some tips and ideas on my blog Regarding MTS - that can't be discussed here, so I can't answer to your comments - why don't you simply get in touch? :)
  2. @@bigbird_3156 Replace any instance of "mysql_" with "tep_db_" in that file example: mysql_query become tep_db_query
  3. multimixer

    osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4

    Yes, that is clear, so the change is a manual one Still, the file is not included in the list of modified files ?
  4. multimixer

    osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4

    The file admin/includes/configure.php is not mentioned in the list of modified files ( http://library.oscommerce.com/Online&en&oscom_2_3&release_notes&v2_3_4 ) and also not part of the upgrade package It is a bit hard to find out that the new constants need to be added to that file Unless I'm missing something, this need to be done manually, correct?
  5. multimixer

    osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4

    @@Mort-lemur The query and jqueryUI updates will not affect your store, you can select the versions you want to use in admin. No MTS settings are affected by the osCommerce upgrade. I would do the complete upgrade
  6. multimixer

    osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4

    Goodmorging all, I'm sorry for yesterdays late night show :) I ended up removing all grid classes by js, and adding new classes that I can style via css as I like $('#loginModules .contentContainer.grid_8').removeClass('grid_8 alpha omega').addClass('half_width').parent('div#loginModules').css({overflow: "hidden"}); $('#loginModules .contentContainer.grid_16').removeClass('grid_16 alpha omega').addClass('full_width'); I think the whole part could afford a reconsideration EDIT: this was also @@burt suggestion yesterday in the chat, I just got stck with php yesterday, Garys suggestion was better
  7. multimixer

    osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4

    Ok people, please disregard all the above, the change in login.php (point 1) can't be done, line has to stay where it is. Do not use any of the above code, I'm sorry for causing confusion
  8. multimixer

    osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4

    Edit Point 2 above could be better like this $content_grid = $oscTemplate->getGridContentWidth(); $number_modules += $oscTemplate->hasContent('login') ? 1 : 0; if ($half_grid_width = $content_grid / 2){ if ($half_grid_width != floor($half_grid_width)) { $half_grid_width = $number_modules != 0 ? (floor($half_grid_width) + 1) . ' omega' : floor($half_grid_width) . ' alpha'; } else { $half_grid_width = $number_modules != 0 ? $half_grid_width . ' omega' : $half_grid_width . ' alpha'; } } Will think it over tomorrow again
  9. multimixer

    osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4

    Ok people, a workaround as follows 1) in file login.php I moved following line $page_content = $oscTemplate->getContent('login'); under require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'template_top.php'); because I wanted to have the boxes executed before the content 2) In files includes/modules/content/login/templates/login_form.php and /create_account_link.php I added just on top $content_grid = $oscTemplate->getGridContentWidth(); $number_modules += $oscTemplate->hasContent('login') ? 1 : 0; if ($half_grid_width = $content_grid / 2){ if ($half_grid_width != floor($half_grid_width)) { $half_grid_width = $number_modules != 0 ? (floor($half_grid_width) + 1) . ' omega' : floor($half_grid_width) . ' alpha'; } } 3) In file includes/modules/content/login/templates/login_form.php I replaced this <div class="contentContainer <?php echo (MODULE_CONTENT_LOGIN_FORM_CONTENT_WIDTH == 'Half') ? 'grid_8' : 'grid_16'; ?>"> with this <div class="contentContainer <?php echo (MODULE_CONTENT_LOGIN_FORM_CONTENT_WIDTH == 'Half') ? 'grid_' . $half_grid_width : 'grid_' . $content_grid; ?>"> 4) In files includes/modules/content/login/templates/create_account_link.php I replaced this <div class="contentContainer <?php echo (MODULE_CONTENT_CREATE_ACCOUNT_LINK_CONTENT_WIDTH == 'Half') ? 'grid_8' : 'grid_16'; ?>"> with this <div class="contentContainer <?php echo (MODULE_CONTENT_CREATE_ACCOUNT_LINK_CONTENT_WIDTH == 'Half') ? 'grid_' . $half_grid_width : 'grid_' . $content_grid; ?>"> Now grids tare applied correctly, however, this solution is a hassle. The logic about how many grids to apply should be better a "central" one instead of repeating code like that It would be maybe better to remove the grids altogether and use a width=50% or 100%, why to stick with that grids? Talking with @@burt, he came up with an other (better) solution, to change things afterwards (after the grids got applied) via js, he'll post this himself I think
  10. multimixer

    osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4

    Looking at the content modules on the login.php page There is something not right with the logic of setting the grids. 1) If both columns are enabled, everything is fine, we have always a total of 24 grids 2) if just one column is enabled, we are missing 4 grids For example, - having both modules (create account and login) set to "half" we have <div id="bodyContent" class="grid_20 push_4"> <h1>Welcome, Please Sign In</h1> <div id="loginModules"> <div class="contentContainer grid_8 alpha"> <div class="contentContainer grid_8 omega"> </div> = total 16 grids within a container of 20 grids => 4 missing - having both modules set to "full", we have <div id="bodyContent" class="grid_20 push_4"> <h1>Welcome, Please Sign In</h1> <div id="loginModules"> <div class="contentContainer grid_16"> <div class="contentContainer grid_16"> </div> The problem is in the logic of includes/modules/content/login/templates/login_form.php <div class="contentContainer <?php echo (MODULE_CONTENT_LOGIN_FORM_CONTENT_WIDTH == 'Half') ? 'grid_8' : 'grid_16'; ?>"> Only 8 or 16 grids, sometimes we need 10 or 20 of them, in case of 1 column + of course the case that someone changed the column with to say 5 grids The file need to check first what the available content width is, and apply the proper grid classes accordingly I'll try to post some lines of code for this
  11. multimixer

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    The problem in in the sorting of the query in product_info.php A simple order by database_field , produce following 1 11 2 etc You can use order by ABS(database_field) to get the correct 1 2 11
  12. multimixer

    Ultimate Seo Urls 5 Pro

    @@badbo Check if you have any product or any category without a "name"
  13. @@toughmama What you need is a further customisation of a custom functionality you have on your store. Please check your email
  14. multimixer

    QPBPP with SPPC / Prices under $1 not working

    Yes, this is a bug. The issue is caused in file catalog/includes/classes/PriceFormatterStore.php. The file compare the "new price" that is retrieved for the customer group via a special query with the default price and replace it, if condition is met if ((int)$new_prices[$i]['products_price'] > 0 ) { $product_info[$x]['products_price'] = $new_prices[$i]['products_price']; } Problem is, that condition is typecasting the new price to (int), this is of course a problem for decimal prices, should not be used Code will work like this if ($new_prices[$i]['products_price'] > 0 ) { $product_info[$x]['products_price'] = $new_prices[$i]['products_price']; }
  15. multimixer

    How to create form in ckeditor

    What you need is possible with option types Examples http://leilastyle.ch/product_info.php/bestickter-body-duftwunder-p-204 http://virhouse.com/product_info.php/granite-absolute-cream-granite-countertop-p-38
  16. multimixer

    How to create form in ckeditor

    Forget about creditor or any kind of editor for this, you need to do it in php Not very sure what you want to achieve, bt it sounds like doable with options. You can take a look at the "options type" addon
  17. multimixer

    only default language reload a saved url

    Don't know what else is wrong in the package, but this here is not correct for sure File: catalog/includes/languages/italiano.php // modifica banner 1.4 require(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $language . '/' . 'banner_manager.php'); Delete this line Better you avoid the whole thing and search for an other Italian translation, it include several modifications for add ons that the author has installed, "whitespace" in files and who knows what else, should be removed from the add ons area
  18. multimixer

    Quantity box in product listing 1.2 for 2.3

    @@Chill_Factor Please check my answer via PM
  19. Proud father of a baby boy since September 2.

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      Congrats! :)

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      Thank you all for your wishes. Yes, already 3 sleepless nights, I enjoy every moment, it is our first child. Name is Konstantin, 2540 gr, 45,5 cm, need to recheck the actual stand

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      Nice, and thanks for all your help.

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  20. Create a zone, add all EU countries to it and check against this zone
  21. You could take a look what the osCommerce partners have to offer, there is a template section There is a series of very affordable templates available and a system to let you setup your own look, both solutions are well supported by their creators
  22. multimixer

    Discount groups

    I don't know the add-on and yes, if instructions say that any "defines" should go to application_top.php, then it is a very old one For the "define" it self: If the store has a file includes/database_tables.php and if that file is included in includes/application_top.php (as it happens in all newer stores) then you can add that define to file includes/database_tables.php, the result will be exactly same: The constant is defined. OP's issue in last post is, that a constant used is not defined
  23. multimixer

    Discount groups

    There is no need to define anything in application_top.php as long as database_tables.php is getting included
  24. multimixer

    Discount groups

    Regarding syntax errors: Post the query as it is in the file, not the error messages just Regarding last error: 1146 - Table 'oscommerce_0.TABLE_GROUPS_TO_CATEGORIES' doesn't exist You don't have the table defined in includes/database_tables.php
  25. multimixer

    Discount groups

    Best would be you post the offending query here