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  1. multimixer

    QPBPP with SPPC / Prices under $1 not working

    Yes, this is a bug. The issue is caused in file catalog/includes/classes/PriceFormatterStore.php. The file compare the "new price" that is retrieved for the customer group via a special query with the default price and replace it, if condition is met if ((int)$new_prices[$i]['products_price'] > 0 ) { $product_info[$x]['products_price'] = $new_prices[$i]['products_price']; } Problem is, that condition is typecasting the new price to (int), this is of course a problem for decimal prices, should not be used Code will work like this if ($new_prices[$i]['products_price'] > 0 ) { $product_info[$x]['products_price'] = $new_prices[$i]['products_price']; }
  2. multimixer

    How to create form in ckeditor

    What you need is possible with option types Examples http://leilastyle.ch/product_info.php/bestickter-body-duftwunder-p-204 http://virhouse.com/product_info.php/granite-absolute-cream-granite-countertop-p-38
  3. multimixer

    How to create form in ckeditor

    Forget about creditor or any kind of editor for this, you need to do it in php Not very sure what you want to achieve, bt it sounds like doable with options. You can take a look at the "options type" addon
  4. multimixer

    only default language reload a saved url

    Don't know what else is wrong in the package, but this here is not correct for sure File: catalog/includes/languages/italiano.php // modifica banner 1.4 require(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $language . '/' . 'banner_manager.php'); Delete this line Better you avoid the whole thing and search for an other Italian translation, it include several modifications for add ons that the author has installed, "whitespace" in files and who knows what else, should be removed from the add ons area
  5. multimixer

    Quantity box in product listing 1.2 for 2.3

    @@Chill_Factor Please check my answer via PM
  6. Proud father of a baby boy since September 2.

    1. dadada


      Congrats! :)

    2. multimixer


      Thank you all for your wishes. Yes, already 3 sleepless nights, I enjoy every moment, it is our first child. Name is Konstantin, 2540 gr, 45,5 cm, need to recheck the actual stand

    3. imageanative


      Nice, and thanks for all your help.

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  7. Create a zone, add all EU countries to it and check against this zone
  8. You could take a look what the osCommerce partners have to offer, there is a template section There is a series of very affordable templates available and a system to let you setup your own look, both solutions are well supported by their creators
  9. multimixer

    Discount groups

    I don't know the add-on and yes, if instructions say that any "defines" should go to application_top.php, then it is a very old one For the "define" it self: If the store has a file includes/database_tables.php and if that file is included in includes/application_top.php (as it happens in all newer stores) then you can add that define to file includes/database_tables.php, the result will be exactly same: The constant is defined. OP's issue in last post is, that a constant used is not defined
  10. multimixer

    Discount groups

    There is no need to define anything in application_top.php as long as database_tables.php is getting included
  11. multimixer

    Discount groups

    Regarding syntax errors: Post the query as it is in the file, not the error messages just Regarding last error: 1146 - Table 'oscommerce_0.TABLE_GROUPS_TO_CATEGORIES' doesn't exist You don't have the table defined in includes/database_tables.php
  12. multimixer

    Discount groups

    Best would be you post the offending query here
  13. multimixer

    Country based shipping

    It looks like you didn't "run" some sql that comes with the add-on
  14. multimixer

    C2C support

    So, you want to recreate ebay? You saw a idea that is working great and want to do the same ? What exactly is your question?
  15. This is already part of this development , no drop down but regular input field
  16. Open Invitation to all: Feedback channel for my work. In case I did some work for you, please post your feedback : http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/393086-feedback-for-multimixer-and-mini-template-system/

    1. multimixer


      I hope that everyone who is offering services here will start such a topic

  17. The store would not work at all without that file, so it's good that it is there SPPC require manual changes to that file, don't remember by heart what, but they are all mentioned in the installation instructions, are they not? You could also check the support topic for SPPC
  18. How about a osCommerce meeting in Greece this summer?

    1. multimixer


      Sun + Sea + Ouzo + seafood = osCommerce meeting

    2. Nico01


      Hallo George,


      would be a great idea.

      I have greek roots, but far away now.

      Oh I miss our wine and olive oil.

      Sometimes I get wet eyes.

      I miss Greece.


      I will stay in contact


  19. I would check then if installation is correct, particularly for file includes/classes/shopping_cart.php When you say "special offer", do you mean a price set in specials or just a different regular price for that product?
  20. Great to see some positive feedback about developers and their services posted to the forum.

    1. altoid


      the forum should seek the best of both worlds..free flow of open source coding while at the same time recognizing and supporting the professionals

  21. Live price update demo in progress. Work with plain options and simple quantity input, but also with option types, SPPC and QPBPP

    1. multimixer


      Live example online

  22. multimixer

    Australian Post Shipping Moudle

    Instead of $bits = split("=" ,$value); You can use $bits = explode("=" ,$value);
  23. multimixer

    MPQ doesn't update Cart in Header

    In the implementation I use for min quantity/max quantity and quantity steps, I'm passing the qty via a class that do all adjustments and return the correct quantity to use. You can see this happening also in QPBPP where I got the idea from This I do in includes/classes/shopping_cart.php, this seems to be the safest place to do since it covers all possible cases, doesn't matter where the action is initiated application_top.php is same good IF all add to cart/update actions are done using 'action' in the url (buy_now, add_product, update etc). It can/could be that some modification is adding stuff to the cart directly, not via application_top.php
  24. multimixer

    MPQ doesn't update Cart in Header

    You do following comparison if ($products['minorder'] > '1' && $products['no_break'] == '1') The $products['minorder'] that you use, must have a value, otherwise the comparison is useless Where does this value come from in your code, how does the system know what $products['minorder'] is? I think from nowhere, there is no value It also make no sense that you query for exactly that value, the minorder, that you already used in your comparison You need first to get the value, then you can use it to modify the quantity, in the same way it is done for max qty in cart
  25. multimixer

    MPQ doesn't update Cart in Header

    Where are you getting $products['minorder'] from?