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    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    @@Tsimi "aria" has nothing to do with BS ( https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/Accessibility/ARIA )
  2. @@burt thank you @@sandwick Please check your email, its easy to setup the footer in any direction and use any number of columns. It would be of course much better to upgrade to the responsive MTS version
  3. First "material design" project completed.

  4. Strange: Once people become team members, they disappear from the forum

    1. MrPhil


      The initiation rites involve sacrificing a goat at the altar...

    2. clustersolutions


      Also, may be team member who hasn't login in ages should be removed/hidden.

  5. multimixer

    Best book shop template around?

    Poster jefde is just a spammer
  6. multimixer

    Help with templates

    @@jefde 3rd party products are not supported on the forum, you have to ask the template seller for help You would do better by purchasing something from the osCommerce partners, since they support osCommerce
  7. Happy new year 2016

    1. Mort-lemur


      Same to you George and to everyone

    2. Gyakutsuki


      Happy new year for all the communities, and my wish is a new osc 2.4 soon !

    3. Dan Cole

      Dan Cole

      I'm in...Happy NEW YEAR everyone!

  8. I did something in this direction a while back: http://multimixer.gr/08/03/2012/fileupload-for-oscommerce/ This is of course "just" a file upload/product comments feature, not a online item creator/customisation tool
  9. A horizontal superfish menu can be adjusted to break into a accordion style at some breakpoint The (small view) accordion can have technically unlimited subcategories, its an other question if that makes a sense, same for the expanded view
  10. This depend on folder permissions and server configuration <?php if (osc_is_writable($dir_fs_document_root) && osc_is_writable($dir_fs_document_root . 'admin')) { ?> <div class="form-group has-feedback"> <label for="adminDir" class="control-label col-xs-3">Administration Directory Name</label> <div class="col-xs-9"> <?php echo osc_draw_input_field('CFG_ADMIN_DIRECTORY', 'admin', 'required aria-required="true" id="adminDir"'); ?> <span class="glyphicon glyphicon-asterisk form-control-feedback inputRequirement"></span> <span class="help-block">This is the directory where the administration section will be installed. You should change this for security reasons.</span> </div> </div> <?php } ?>
  11. You are always using the same image, so how can you expect that something change? You need to upload 3 different images Other option is to use the "background-size" property Try for example body { background: url(images/background.jpg); background-size: 100% 100%; } Or try body { background: url(images/background.jpg); background-size: cover; } Some more reading: https://css-tricks.com/perfect-full-page-background-image/
  12. multimixer

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    Why don't you upload it to the add ons area?
  13. New store, just 15 minutes online, already got 40 orders - wow !!!

    1. discxpress


      Congratulations on your success!

    2. clustersolutions


      Do tell!!! I remember, first site in 2005, per Google CPC suggestion I had never seen $100 disappeared in less than a minute so quickly. I learned a lot since...

  14. Full steam: 2 more responsive stores today, more to come tomorrow, time for some ouzo now

    1. altoid


      Nice work and congrats on the responsive template roll out.

    2. Mort-lemur


      Great work George, love the updated system


    3. MrPhil


      Ouzo? Friends don't let friends code drunk!

  15. multimixer

    Paypal overrides shipping method ?

    Hello all I have paypal express installed since a while and everything was working fine, till today, where I discovered that paypal overides the shipping method chosen by the customer and is replacing this by the cheapest that exist: I have 2 shipping methods: Flat rate (=9eur) and store pickup (=0eur). Paypal return url is set to checkout_confirmation.php When somebody place an order, choosing the flat shipping rate and after that paypal express, after returning back from paypal to the order_confirmation.php, the flat rate is overwritten by the storepickup rate. If I change the chargings (ie flat=1 eur, storepickup = 2 eur), then the flat rate appears "automatically". Changing the shipping method (after paypal) in checkout_confirmation.php, everything goes fine, the customer is getting charged the shipping cost and I receive the money, but only then. I found some cases in the forum where people were reporting similar issues, but never a clear answer. Does anyone has an idea or a tip what to do?
  16. @@greasemonkey There is no such rule: "display:visible" link. What you probably need is z-index link I think that @@De Dokta already did something like that?
  17. multimixer

    Free Shipping for OSC 2.3.4

    Did you check the setting about "free shipping" under admin>modules>order total> shipping?
  18. I believe that Henry's concept go into the right direction Proposing a different folder structure and putting all "template" files into a separate folder, is the only logical way to go: Each template has all of its files nicely in one folder and not spread all over That said, I also believe that there is a lot of space for discussion and necessary decisions to do. For example, if taking Henrys approach, we don't need a /templates/ folder in e.g. /modules/boxes/ or /modules/content/footer/ etc. The system will need at least one - the default- template to run We could have a class to filter out the template folder and any other relevant info instead of using the constant all the time (if template file exist include it or include default). Within the modules then, we could use simply $template_class->get_template_file(). Same for template_top and _bottom in each file, no if/else, but simply a class method An other point is the use of template specific template_top/ _bottom files. While this gives a lot of flexibility about the scripts and css to include (e.g. use bootstrap or mootstrap as a framework) - and it is of course obvious that any template can use as many user.css files as it like - it set a new requirement for any add ons: To not modify template_top or bottom ever, same as any other core file. But I guess that is only good so. Requirement for the core is, to create code that is not framework depending, no bootstrap or any other framework related classes in the core. And I think that is also only good, osCommerce should not be depending on any external framework or script What is if a template has any custom modules, e.g. a super box? Or a related products product info module? One way is to simply install additional "core" modules that would execute only under the condition that a particular template is enabled. Other option, to let the template folder hold that modules and find a way to add them to the regular array of modules, maybe more complicated and leading to a mess in the code Many of thoughts and pointers, that doesn't change the fact that the proposal goes into the right direction and it is worth for sure to follow up and work on this I suggest to move the posts about that into a separate topic, there is a lot of space for discussion
  19. Maybe you forget about any code for a moment and simply describe what you want to have as a end result
  20. multimixer

    Modal Info Popup Layer for osc 2.3.4BS

    2 files less to modify = 0 modifications :thumbsup:
  21. multimixer

    Modal Info Popup Layer for osc 2.3.4BS

    No need for that either, you can avoid modifying any file. Create a new (sub)box file + corresponding language file foreach ( $cl_box_groups as &$group ) { if ( $group['heading'] == BOX_HEADING_TOOLS ) { $group['apps'][] = array('code' => 'popup_manager.php', 'title' => MODULES_ADMIN_MENU_TOOLS_POPUP_MANAGER, 'link' => tep_href_link('popup_manager.php')); break; } }
  22. multimixer

    Login with PayPal - Content Width setting ignored

    You can't display 3 modules of "half width" in a row: 3 x 0,5 = 1,5 Beside that, it looks that you didn't change the paypal login to unsemantic, you have <div class="contentContainer grid-50"> <div class="contentContainer grid-50"> <div class="contentContainer grid_8"> In regular 960 the grids total must be 24, in unsemantic I guess 100
  23. I wrote something about that a while back: link