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  1. multimixer

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    $content$ is the content of the actual .php file that is getting displayed. Fr example contact_us.php, shopping_cart.php, index.php etc. Whatever you want to edit, you need to do it there. An exception to this, is the product info page, if you use the CONTENT template for product info, then you don't use a general $content$ tag, but special tags for the different elements, ie $price$, $name$ etc
  2. You will need to make some space in your PM folder now :)
  3. None of those template are v2.3.1 or v3. They are all older versions I don't think there are any templates for version 2.3.1 yet. However, the best way to go is with v2.3.1
  4. multimixer

    Free Shipping by product? - osC 2.3

    This part of the code exist only in the old version and is part of the form of the "product preview". Since there is no product preview on v2.3.1 and assuming that you did all other changes as requested by the addon correctly, I would say you can ignore this. I don't know the addon, so I don't know what other changes need to be done. The best is you try
  5. multimixer

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Bumping is against the forum rules, please don't do it. Most possible your posts will be ignored if you keep on doing this However, the issue is that the path to the lightbox.css is wrong <link rel="stylesheet" href="lightbox.css" type="text/css" media="screen"> Check where you have the file located and correct the line
  6. multimixer

    Free Shipping by product? - osC 2.3

    Can you post what exactly the addon is telling you to add to admin/categories.php ?
  7. multimixer

    No Image in Version 2.3

    What addon?
  8. multimixer

    Formatting Issues

    Yes, I see I don't know how you succeed to mess up the header too. There is an opening <td> there left alone, also some tables that are supposed to be in the header, appear in the body, I don't know, maybe this all was also the designers intention However, apart of saying again what I said, regarding using the latest version v2.3.1, is to restore your backed up product_info.php and start over again
  9. multimixer

    Formatting Issues

    Not very clear what you mean with this "overlapping", or maybe you fixed it. In any case, the page looks like a mess, no offense please. Why do you not start using the latest v2.3.1 version of osCommerce (that include multi images and many other nice things) instead of messing around with an old and outdated TM template? You will have to put some effort maybe to design it, but after that you will have a much more better store
  10. multimixer

    cDynamic meta tag install problem

    Well you have already No 190 in table configuration, so the error is telling you just this. Try with following INSERT INTO `configuration` VALUES ( '', 'Store Description', 'STORE_DESCRIPT', 'The Next Level Of osCommerce', 'Place your sites meta description here, for use with dynamic meta-tags<br>Leave empty for no description<br>', 1, 40, NULL , '2003-12-05 05:01:41', NULL , 'tep_cfg_textarea(' ) ; If you receive again the same error, this time for No 0, make sure you uncheck the checkbox that says "do not autoincrement or zero values" in your phpMyAdmin PS. Since this is not a tip and trick it should be posted into the "general support" section or something like this, the best into the support thread for the particular addon. Please read the forum rules, the note o top of this page and try to follow everything
  11. multimixer

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Yes, I have it working, whats the problem?
  12. multimixer

    live support help

    Double post. Original post here (not any more) You know, it's not a "live support" here and nothing is ringing anywhere in this forum when you post a topic, so maybe you read the forum rules while waiting for somebody to help you?
  13. multimixer

    STS4.6 not appearing in Admin modules

    The best would be you post your issue to the STS support thread, it's mentioned in the installation istructions
  14. multimixer

    Georgia Sales Tax

    Go to your phpMyAdmin and check if you have the "do not use auto-increment for zero values" checked
  15. is a proud sponsor of this community now

  16. multimixer

    STS Installation made Image Magic 1.16 not function

    1) If you use version RC2a, then you use for your sts installation only the files for rc2, no need rc1 and ms2 2) If you have anything else installed before STS, you need to follow the instructions for a manual install. Probably you re-overwrite files, so that the image addon don't work anymore 3) Please post all your sts related questions to the STSv4 support thread, it's mentioned in the download page and in your installation instructions
  17. is not counting clients and not hunting wolfs

  18. multimixer


    I don't believe that everything needs to be "provided". The 960 grid system has a website, with links to interesting articles about how to use it, there are even some css and html generators available. From what I understood reading there *) it's made clear how to use it (link in the footer to a very detailed article) *) Using the generators you can get grids for other widths *) There is a fluid grid possible Regarding how to remove it from osCommerce v23, I must say that this should be relatively easy, since it is not getting used extensively. includes/template top. php sets the container_24 (=24 grids) and the main content grid grid_16 (=16 grids) Includes template_bottom.php sets the left and right column as grid_4 (=4 grids each). The left column is pulled to the left, so it appears on the left Thats it. To utilizize the empty space (if you don't want to use a left or right column, or any column) the solution is here (I just repost it, because I think it is a very good solution) Knowing this, each one who call him self a "webdesigner", should be able, either to use the system, or to remove it. You could even replace in with tables and tb's, by moving the left column to template_top.php and setting the proper td's and co But I think this grid system became added for people who are not webdesigners, for people who don't want to remove it, for people who would ask questions like "how to center my store", "how to move a box" etc etc, people who want just a working store within a week for free, and don't even know what a div is Just some thoughts
  19. multimixer

    own size with price

    Forgott to say, the bad files are in your images folder (domain.com/eshop/images) and who knows where else. Check for files with .php there
  20. multimixer

    own size with price

    I'm sorry to tell you but there are other things to worry about now. You have been hacked. Read in the pinned security topic for support
  21. συν Αθηνά και χείρα κίνει

  22. multimixer

    Can not install template

    What exactly is your question and what is the link for? Not clear what you want.
  23. multimixer

    Categories and Menu

    Do you mean you want to have your categories listed horizontally under the header? If so then look for "dynamenu" in the addons
  24. multimixer

    Can not install template

    Try to install RC2a and post if it works -> Download osCommerce