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  1. multimixer

    Available on v.2.3.1?

    Yes I can confirm, it's not just good for 2.3.1 it's perfect, it's the best you could get !
  2. multimixer

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    I don' think that STS will ever be updated to work on 2.3.1, but maybe I'm wrong. @Celebrimbor, please remove the spam links from your footer
  3. multimixer

    [Contribution] STS v4

    I don't think this is related to STS. Was your store working before installing STS? And why please do you use MS2? Do you have any archeological interest?
  4. multimixer

    SEO Meta Tags issue

    Anything that got installed can be unistalled - and - Anything that is not installed can be installed Both can be done from any previous, current or future "website managers" as long they know what they're doing From what you say you have/had a SEO_URL addon installed, there are a couple of them existing. So, in worse case, if you can not identify what you have installed, just install an other one and thgough out any garbage left over from previous installations Edit: from what I see it work for products but not for category listings, so maybe there is no problem but just a question of settings?
  5. multimixer

    How to expand or restrict template width?

    I didn't said to do anything in the stylesheet, you will not find anything there for the width. As for all the trouble making a background image in photoshop just to have a plain color, I don't know. Do it with css
  6. multimixer

    How to expand or restrict template width?

    No, that way that you say is wrong, you place 2 different rules to fight to each other: eg width 80px and image inside 900px. That's wrong Got your domain, and what I see is a huge amount of tables and inline styles. However, at your source code, I see following: <!-- header //--> <!-- start --> <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0" align="center" style="width:766px; margin:auto;"> This 766 pixels are setting the width of your store, change this number to anything you want. Where to find this? I guess it is in file includes/header.php. If you are lucky, it's there. If not, then you need to open each top level file (eg index.php, contact_us.php etc) and find it/change it there. This may have some other implications, for example to the top menu background that has also a fixed width, I don't know where else
  7. The quickest would be you do a search for "ladies" and then add a link to that search results
  8. multimixer

    YMM query wont work

    The error you get: 1052 - Column 'products_id' in where clause is ambiguous That means the query don't know what product id you mean, since you have more tables in the query. The only place this can come from is the $YMM_where that get output into the query. So you need to look what it says + read what I said above. Also, there is a YMM support topic regarding installation instructions and anything related to that addon
  9. multimixer

    YMM query wont work

    Can you say what $YMM_where is? must be a few lines earlier in your file. Somewhere it says products_id = and this should be maybe p.products_id =
  10. multimixer

    theme switcher addon for 2.2?

    I don't know what "properties" you mean, but you could start looking here for common questions about version 2.2
  11. multimixer

    How to expand or restrict template width?

    You are right, because what I wrote on my blog is for version 2.3.1 and you have rc2a Rc2a had by default not a fixed width, but you also say you use a template. So, it could be that the width is fixed in the stylesheet, but even more possible that the tables have a fixed width on each page. Take a look first of all at your source code and/or use firebug to figure things out. You can post/pm your domain if you want
  12. multimixer

    theme switcher addon for 2.2?

    Version 2.2 don't use the ui "themes", so there is nothing to switch The addon exist for version 2.3+

    #osCommerce basics: add google analytics to your store http://bit.ly/k87LZ7


  14. multimixer

    Setting up a company with a foreign address

    According to wikileaks, this will be Hawaii in version 3, no info yet if this will be changeable or not. EDIT: last minute info: Default date will be April 1, not confirmed yet.
  15. multimixer


    Following to do: 1) go to your phpMyAdmin (via your host cpanel) 2) select the DB you use for osCommerce 3) click "import" on top 4) choose the .sql file from your computer 5) click "ok" That's it. This will do to the DB whatever the .sql file says to do, and your error will go away
  16. multimixer

    Calculate Image Size

    Chuntse , calm down and no panic please ! 1) The fact that you can not find an answer to something doesn't mean the answer don't exist, it means just that you can not find it, not more not less. 2) Because you face a problem doesn't mean that it is a osCommerce problem that developers should fix, it mean just that you can not fix it, not more not less To your question now, that has been answered many times in the forum by the way: 1) Upload a second image for each of your products where it says "+ add large image". It can be the same file, doesn't matter. You will see that the image got resized 2) If you want to manipulate this, open your file catalog/product_info.php and find the section where it says <script type="text/javascript"> $('#piGal ul').bxGallery({ maxwidth: 300, maxheight: 200, thumbwidth: <?php echo (($pi_counter > 1) ? '65' : '0'); ?>, thumbcontainer: 300, load_image: 'ext/jquery/bxGallery/spinner.gif' }); </script> You can change the numbers to get the size you want for the main image (maxwidth / maxheight) and the thumbnalis (thumbwidth) and the container that hold them as well. Play around with the settings till you get the result you want. Sure this all can be improved, but no reason to get a "end of the days" mood
  17. multimixer

    To follow the development

    Well, there was some progress: The "roadmap for April" became "roadmap for 2011". Next step will be "roadmap for 21st century" or something. Or maybe an automated function, to say "roadmap for ..." like the "new products for ..." But seriously, the truth is that, as Gary say, after the big tam tam about version 3, after countdowns, after a week of presence at the forum, here is nothing, silence, zero ! Just some proforma logins to update the activity status, and that's all. It's not only about disappointment Gary, it' not just about being ignored, the community I mean. It is about responsibility. Somebody could say that there is no obligation or the team to develop anything, no obligation for the users to use osCommerce, it's also free, nobody paid a cent to use it, so if you like it use it, if not move on. That's true. But an other truth is that people, osCommerce users, store owners and developers, invested, and keep investing, something maybe much more valuable into this software: Their time. And if even a single one decided to start or keep using osCommerce because of that loudly announced promises, then yes, then there is an obligation too for the team, to keep that promises. And to go secretly and silently to replace "april" with "2011" is not keeping a promise The promise for a new version, going around for a couple of years now, is not done with making a developers playground, name it number 3 and release it, letting people take it in the wrong belief they are downloading a working webstore software. There is not a simple notice on the download page that this version 3 is not working in real conditions. I'm not saying this all in bad meaning and no offense please but, please, team members, do something, wake up !
  18. Is this a quiz or what? However, there is no column_left.php in version 2.3.1, <style> tags should be in the <head> section etc It would help if you would say what it is about
  19. multimixer

    Image sizes

    If you leave all image settings empty, they will display in original size
  20. Step by step: Making an osCommerce template http://bit.ly/mQgsvG

    1. multimixer


      Hi Chris. I won't comment on the price or anything related to mini template system, it's not the right place here to do it.


      Purpose of the linked blog post is to show what is possible to do with osCommerce, to give some tips and maybe some inspiration.


      You can do it with or without mini template system, the post explains how to do it without it.


      Any commercial links are marked and there is no reason to click them

    2. Guest


      Sorry George, I just thought it was a nice add on but the price would be a point of contention for most.

    3. multimixer


      Chris, you are welcome to make any comments on my blog so I can reply.


      Please, let's keep this area here free of any commercial discussions

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  21. multimixer

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    Since you have a purchased template, your files different than the original osCommerce files, the addon was written for. Ofcourse it can be installed, but the installation instructions can not be followed as if on a original store. The best for you will be to take a file comparison program and compare/merge each file manually. Also possible that some of the option types files will need to be modified in order to match your template structure, eg the file includes/modules/option_types.php that display the options on the product info page. The layout of this display will need to be adjusted too, maybe.
  22. multimixer

    Making a fade switch gallery on pictures

    File catalog/product_info.php is taking image names from the DB and display them on the screen, images are in images folder !
  23. multimixer

    Oscommerce on 1 page only?

    Well, everything on one page is not possible, and would also look strange: There are some pages. like he checkout pages, that need to be separatelly. But probably you don't mean this. If I understand correctly, you want a page that - list all your 5 products on the front page with a buy now button under/beside them - there are no detailed product info pages since there is not much to say about the products, also no additional images needed - people buy directly from the frontpage and proceed to regular checkout, to select payment etc Yes, that's possible EDIT: all your other pages would be included into osCommerce as well, you don't need any other website (except you want a blog, forum etc)
  24. multimixer

    text size of product description

    And while changing this, I would also remove all <head></head> tags from the site body that you copied over from ms front page