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  1. multimixer

    [Contribution] STS v4

    That are the osCommece versions STS is compatible with. The newest of them is RC2a and that is the what STS is still compatible with. You can't use STS with version 2.3.1
  2. Don't they have any customer support? I guess that yes. Did you contact them? I don't think that this forum is the right place to discuss issues you have with any purchased products
  3. multimixer

    How to Install the template

    It all deends on the template, as Nick said, most "templates" are complete installations, but not all, there are also some properly coded around that require changes to just some files. Anyway, the best place to ask is the templateseller.
  4. jQuery tips: Rounded corners for osCommerce boxes http://goo.gl/QHu7F

  5. Did you add a "_" into the module name, like zone_1.php and class zone_1 ? Change it to a name like zone1. Just a possible issue
  6. multimixer

    After language install-problem

    The language package you installed is either not complete or for an older osCommece version. Errors are telling you that the language files for the boxes are missing
  7. multimixer

    Dynamenu in box for 2.3.1

    There are a couple of addons that create an unordered list to what various scripts can be applied
  8. multimixer

    Dynamenu in box for 2.3.1

    The whole base of dynamenu can be considered as outdated now, so I don't think there will be any 231 release of it
  9. All of "these modules" do exactly this: To calculate the shipping cost during the checkout process There are several modules "preinstalled" in osCommerce, all you need to do is to click "install" in admin?modules>shipping and then of course do any settings In case you don't want any of them, there are more available in the admin area, each package has instructions about how to install. What module to choose? This depends on how you want to charge for shipping
  10. updated: making a #osCommerce template step by step http://goo.gl/GTwMC

  11. multimixer

    Purchase function instead of sell function

    Like what? That customers click a couple of buttons and get money paid out from your account? Tell me your url after you have this - lol :)
  12. multimixer

    German add on for 2.3.1

    It looks like the package you got is missing some language defines, or it is not one for version 2.3.1 The best free template to learn on is the default osCommerce template that you got

    #osCommerce http://t.co/pZCYqh0 Make your store prettier while drinking a coffee

  14. multimixer

    Any idea on this addon

    search the addons section, link is on top of this page
  15. multimixer

    Any idea on this addon

    Check the master -slave addon
  16. multimixer

    multiple shipping prices

    All that I can see is just an other lemon tree: Various flat rates assigned to different shipping zones. No problem to do it, go ahead
  17. multimixer

    Custom Theme Required

    Do you mean for free? Because that is the only thing permitted in the forum: ask for and give free help I also don't think that either you or any developer would like to discuss this in a public forum, so if you need a developer, you can search either the forum or google and contact directly
  18. multimixer

    New template-adding multiple picture

    If your store is version 2.3.1 then you can add additional images right away, you don't need any addon. You just clock on "+ add large image" on the product editing page in admin and upload any image you want
  19. multimixer

    New template-adding multiple picture

    This is something the template maker use unknown what for. I don't think that anyone can help you with this with the information given. Well, maybe you are lucky and somebody does use the same template and can help you, but in general, to find out what is going on, you would need to let someone access your files and start looking. I don't think that anyone will do this for free. Maybe the best you can do right now, is to restore your backup from before doing any changes and go from there on For me, this is just an other proof, that people should be careful when choosing a template and take the one that modifies the lowest number files and in the most decent way
  20. multimixer

    sts 4.6 Template not showing in dropdown

    My suggestion is to read again the installation instructions. You will see that there is a link to he support topic for STS. Post your question to there
  21. Did you try to follow the installation instructions of header tags seo?
  22. The issue is that you try to install some old crappy "free" template that requires register globals to be on Do not use it Either design your store on a new original 2.3.1, or buy a proper template or hire a developer. There is no other way to go
  23. Please do not bump your posts, Chris is sleeping now anyway. However, 2 easy ways to go 1) replace the 2 configure files of the template with your original configure.php files from your backup 2)do following - make a backup of your db - run the installation program - after installed import back your database
  24. multimixer

    New template-adding multiple picture

    The error says that some files are missing that are needed in file includes/column_left.php I don't think this can be connected directly to the image addon you try to install. In any case, the best would be you contact the template seller
  25. multimixer

    So what happend to OSCOM 3

    Some facts: Haralds last post in the forum was on April 21, Marks on May 1