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  1. Anyone know how I can get images of products to show up after you click on a categorie for that product? Screenshot inlcluded I would like visitors to be able to see all products with small images next to quanity, buy now, product name, and price. Thanks for any help anyone can provide. david
  2. dlsodders

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    I am using CCC and it works like I want however when someone creates a pc it adds that custom computer to the new products table plus shows an image with bad link. When i look at the properties of the link it just points to the images directory. Anyone know how I can stop of posting it in the products table?
  3. dlsodders

    CCC B2

    Hello, I have the new version of CCC installed and its great, thanks for the hard work! However, since I have went with the personal look option (BTS) I cant get it to work without it using the default osc look... Any thoughts on how I can get it to work with BTS using the template I have defined? thanks david
  4. Hello, I have just installed CCCB2 and it installed wonderfully without any problems. However it uses the default OSC look. I have the BTS contribution installed and I was wondering if you could tell me how to get the CCC code to use the templates instead of the stock osc?
  5. Im sure its not the same one you are referencing, however i am just looking to make it work with BTS. Does the contribution you are talking about work with BTS?
  6. Hello, I just installed the new version of CCC and I love it! Just one problem, it's not setup to work with BTS. Any idea what I should change to get it to pull from the templates directory instead of the core? thanks david
  7. dlsodders


    New problem. Cant seem to get header.php to load. Thoughts?
  8. dlsodders


    Figured out that the link for CSS needed to be defined in the new main page. david
  9. dlsodders


    I know loaded versions are a dirty word here, but I checked it out and I did like the functionality of the BTS they have wrapped up. However I didnt like how they changed some the core. So I converted back. I am messing with the manual BTS and have gotten this far www.worldofcomputersinc.com/products however I cant get the boxes to show up. I have tried everything I can think aside from starting from scratch. Any thoughts?
  10. dlsodders


    Hello again community! I have decided to play with the STS system and see if I could get it working. Looks like everyone involved has done a fantastic job as it installed without issues. However, I am having a problem getting it to work with HVMenu. Something in the categories_dhtml.php file is causing them not to work together. I have spent all day trying to figure it out. Without luck I am turning to you more advanced programmers. You ask how do I know its the categories_dhtml.php file? I renamed the original categories.php file, and changed the include statement in configure.php. Page loaded fine. I seen this addressed about coolmenu in the forums but it seems like no one ever answered it. Not sure why? Anyway, I would really appreciate some input on this. you can view the results here. www.worldofcomputersinc.com/productstest Happy holidays david
  11. Hello, Im trying to figure out how I could get oscommerce to allows visitors to search for domain names and purchase them directly from the store. I found some whois php scripts and it says you can integrate them with forms but not sure how that would apply to oscommerce. Bascially it would need to simply return the result and provide a buy now button with it. If the user clicks on buy now it would store the data retrieved in the whois form and process it through the checkout process. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! david
  12. dlsodders


    I need some help with the county tax mod. I was able to get it installed and working fine with 88 different counties. In the install instructions it says to enter an asteriks like so, if you want to make the entry manditory. So I did, even entered some error text but if nothing is entered it does not display the error text. define('ENTRY_SUBURB_TEXT', '* Ohio Residents must enter a county for tax purposes'); Also how would I go making sure the consumer enters their county correctly? Im thinking I need to create table and add the coutie names to it but not sure how to impliment that. I am however a good student :) Any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks, d
  13. dlsodders


    Well yes and no I mean Im glad to know that the system recognizes it, but arent people use to supplying a type when they use their credit card electronically? Wouldnt it cause some type of confusion maybe?
  14. dlsodders


    Providing a drop down with a list of types would be perfect. I dont know if you have noticed or not but in order details there is a field for it cc_type, getting it to become a populated drop down plus included into the checkout_process.php would be perferred. Adding a text box would be a simple solution for now. How would one do it?
  15. dlsodders


    I have been trying to get a field to show up that allows the user to type in the credit card type. Cany anyone help me, im afraid it has beaten me into submission! thanks david