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    All Products SEO

    Once again: many thanks!!! works like a charm.... :D muchos lovahz ;)
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    All Products SEO

    Here i am again. :) I have installed a new contib recently.... SEO friendly URL's. Took me all wekend to work properly, but it did work in the end, have some more testing to do, but ok... After i checked a few basic thingy's i found a little problem with the all products. when i press the all product line in the category box i get the full output (works fine) but there is a little bug in it. Instead of a-z links at the top it gives me.. ALL_PRODUCTS_SEO_LINK_SEPARATOR A ALL_PRODUCTS_SEO_LINK_SEPARATOR B ALL_PRODUCTS_SEO_LINK_SEPARATOR C ALL_PRODUCTS_SEO_LINK_SEPARATOR D ALL_PRODUCTS_SEO_LINK_SEPARATOR E ALL_PRODUCTS_SEO_LINK_SEPARATOR F ALL_PRODUCTS_SEO_LINK_SEPARATOR G ALL_PRODUCTS_SEO_LINK_SEPARATOR H ALL_PRODUCTS_SEO_LINK_SEPARATOR I ALL_PRODUCTS_SEO_LINK_SEPARATOR J ALL_PRODUCTS_SEO_LINK_SEPARATOR K ALL_PRODUCTS_SEO_LINK_SEPARATOR L ALL_PRODUCTS_SEO_LINK_SEPARATOR M ALL_PRODUCTS_SEO_LINK_SEPARATOR N ALL_PRODUCTS_SEO_LINK_SEPARATOR O ALL_PRODUCTS_SEO_LINK_SEPARATOR P ALL_PRODUCTS_SEO_LINK_SEPARATOR Q ALL_PRODUCTS_SEO_LINK_SEPARATOR R ALL_PRODUCTS_SEO_LINK_SEPARATOR S ALL_PRODUCTS_SEO_LINK_SEPARATOR T ALL_PRODUCTS_SEO_LINK_SEPARATOR U ALL_PRODUCTS_SEO_LINK_SEPARATOR V ALL_PRODUCTS_SEO_LINK_SEPARATOR W ALL_PRODUCTS_SEO_LINK_SEPARATOR X ALL_PRODUCTS_SEO_LINK_SEPARATOR Y ALL_PRODUCTS_SEO_LINK_SEPARATOR Z ALL_PRODUCTS_SEO_LINK_SEPARATOR FULL links work, but it doesn't look smooth :D do you know where the problem can be fixed? i have searched some in the all-products.php, but didn't find anything (not a good scripter :) ) tnx again in advange!
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    All Products SEO

    ahhh, perfect way to wake up at 6 am and read this, it works great, many thanks!! :D
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    All Products SEO

    like i said: sorry if i was confusing :D I didn't mean the link itself, that works perfect, changed the colors etc, no problem. But clicked on the link you get the page with: all products. that heading is just different of color and font-type, different then all others. the other links of all products (what's new, specials) is working fine, and have the right font once open... tnx again!
  5. Syros

    All Products SEO

    first of all: tnx for this contrib, works great for me, except one thing... If i include the link into catagory's and i click it, the font and color is different then my other links. (not the link itself, the page with all product) eg header. when i have it with new products etc, the output is good and correct, so the only problem is in the catagory's. anyone knows how to fix this? i've been messing with my stylesheet, but that didn't really did it (other all-products link work) sorry if it's not clear, and tnx in advanged