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  1. DavidR

    FedEx - Web Services v9

    I'm installing v 9.4.2 on what is essentially osCommerce-2.2rc2a (I updated a while back from an earlier 2.2 version). I removed all traces of the old real time quote mod and now I'm instlaling this one. When the purchase process reaches checkout there is an error in place of what should be the shipping method selection, "Error in processing transaction." I've traced this to an if/then statement in fedexwebservices.php around line 355: if ($this->tax_class > 0) { $this->quotes['tax'] = tep_get_tax_rate($this->tax_class, $order->delivery['country']['id'], $order->delivery['zone_id']); } } else { $message = 'Error in processing transaction.<br /><br />'; foreach ($response -> Notifications as $notification) { if(is_array($response -> Notifications)) { $message .= $notification->Severity; $message .= ': '; $message .= $notification->Message . '<br />'; } else { $message .= $notification->Message . '<br />'; } } $this->quotes = array('module' => $this->title, 'error' => $message); } Through a little debugging, it appears that $this->tax_class is empty, even though I have a tax class selected in the admin config for the module. It makes no difference if I select a valid class or select none, the error and only that error display. Does anyone have any ideas on where I should go next?
  2. This would be excellent for many people. I have a site that needs to be done in a week and I've been struggling with this one issue. That contribution is really a mess with scores of "fixes" posted in the version descriptions at the Add-Ons center. Could you at least tell me which full version you used as your base and which fixes you applied from the list? If I have the same starting point as you, perhaps I can stumble my way through adapting it as well. Thanks.
  3. DavidR

    Imprint Text Options

    Before I make the attempt, has anyone tried to install Imprint Text Options on osCommerce 2.3.1? With the number of edits, I'm expecting some issues. Thanks for any guidance.
  4. DavidR

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    I'm about to install USU5 on a new 2.2 install and would like to know which Google Sitemap mod you recommend to go with it. I noticed that you have some provision for using modified files with Chemo's old offering. Is this the one you prefer to use in tandom with USU5? If so, which release? There seem to be a few. I was hoping to go to the source to avoid conflicts from the start. I like your work -- nice, tight code and easy to install. Thanks for your time!
  5. DavidR

    FedEx Direct 2.06 Support thread

    Can someone help me understand Dimensional Weighting? I have seen from earlier posts in this thread that it is beyond the scope of this module, but FedEx is suddenly making an issue of it with a couple of my clients. They are using this, combined with the FedEx label contribution (both versions from approx 11/2005) and it has always worked fine. Now the FedEx rep says they should be using DW and that they are paying too much if not. What's the scoop? I'm not sure how they could ever do it really, as they sell small items, normally several different ones per shipment. They don't know what the size of the box will be until they pack it. Is this something that is costing them a lot of money? Is there another solution? I could use a little advice. Thanks!
  6. DavidR

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Hmm, well good! It looks like 2.2.2 is based on Chemo's old code so it must use the same class. BTW, I just uploaded 1.03b - it has a minor fix. If you don't want to bother with replacing the file, just change line 141 like this: left join specials on ( specials.products_id = products.products_id AND ( ( (specials.expires_date > CURRENT_DATE) OR (specials.expires_date = 0) ) AND ( specials.status = 1 ) ) ) change to: left join specials on ( specials.products_id = products.products_id AND ( ( (specials.expires_date > CURRENT_DATE) OR (specials.expires_date is NULL) ) AND ( specials.status = 1 ) ) ) Otherwise, items on special but without an expiration date for the special will list at regular price.
  7. DavidR

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Ok, I uploaded the file I am using as v 1.03a. Give it a try.
  8. DavidR

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    I managed to edit the latest version of Google Feeder for use with Ultimate SEO URLs 2.1d. I just went through the code and compared it to the last SEO version of the old feeder and it works well for me. I guess I could upload just the googlefeeder.php file. The code could use an overhaul really but it works.
  9. DavidR

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Thanks for the tip jagedge - that does work! I looked around a bit more and found that the more recent version of the "official" mod (i.e. not SEO compatible) just changed the word "category" to "label" in the $output line, which is a valid element and the category names add to the mix as labels. My upload was accepted today :) The SQL correction was the part I got stuck on, because sale items were showing up as regular price. All good now. NOt sure if I should update that older version or just wait for FlyingMonkey to update the main release.
  10. DavidR

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Ok, I found a fix to this anyway. Substitute the following instead of the above: Changing "= 0" to "is NULL" in the next to the last expression makes the sale price work properly, i.e. if there is a sale price active for an item, it will be used, no matter if there is an expiration date or not, unless the expiration date is TODAY. This fix applies to the latest version of this contribution, as well as to v1.62d which I am using for the Ultimate SEO URL compatibility. The SQL statements are identical in both and this bit is around line 151. So if you have had trouble with sale prices showing up correctly in the export file, or you have to add expiration dates to make it work, this should fix it. To anyone also using this version for the same reason I am, there is an easy fix to the category problem that causes rejection from GB. I may add this to the contribution section for use until FlyingMonkey has the time to update the current verison. HTH!
  11. DavidR

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    left join specials on ( specials.products_id = products.products_id AND ( ( (specials.expires_date > CURRENT_DATE) OR (specials.expires_date = 0) ) AND ( specials.status = 1 ) ) ) This statement seems to evaluate to true only if there is a date in specials.expires_date (and it is later than today). For products where there is not specials.expires_date (null) and specials.status = 1, it still shows the regular price. Does this need to be rewritten, perhaps the "and" and "or" are getting tripped up. I'm not that good with SQL but I know there is a trap there sometimes. Anyone know?
  12. DavidR

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Well I haven't figured out the category issue yet, but I did notice that the correct sale price is only listed in the export file if the sale expire date is set. I haven't found anything in the code yet that would make sense of this or help me fix it. Has this been addressed before? Also, Google didn't mention it but I noticed that "expected" items are also listed in the file before the date they are expected. I'm surprised they didn't catch it, as I know they require that all items listed be available for sale. I can sympathize with the 11 hour days!!! I realize I am trying to work with an older, patched up version but I'm against a deadline with this feature so this is what I have to work with :'( If you have any suggestions, I will be happy to try to track them down. Thanks.
  13. DavidR

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    I had the same thought since I use Ultimate SEO as well. v1.62d seems to work fine for creating the correct SEO URLs but when I submitted the feed to Google Base I received the response: 1. Wrong prices (sale prices are not being listed, only regular price) 2. Unsupported attribute (category is not a supported attribute) I'm in the process of hunting for a solution in the code, but perhaps this has been done already when this version was in use? I really do need the SEO URL capability for this client, so if anyone knows how to fix this I'm all ears. If I come up with any answers, I will post. Thanks!
  14. My basic question is what is the function of the shipping modules? Is it only to provide a value i.e. the cost of shipping, to be added to the order total? My reason for asking is that I am trying to understand why FedEx Automatic Labels classifies all shipments as ground when they go through the Free Shipping w/minimum contrib but successfully determines ground vs home (this hinges on whether there is a value in the Company Name field) when one of the selections from the Real Time Fedex shipping module is used. I've been all over the code and can't figure out if there is something else being passed by the shipping module that is then used by FedEx Labels contrib to determine the type. Of course, those labels can be printed days later so that would have to be stored in the database somewhere. If anyone has some suggestions on where to look or just an explanation of exactly what information comes from the shipping modules, I would appreciate it. Thanks, David
  15. DavidR

    Automated FedEx Labels

    I'm going out of my mind with this one - I just can't find a clue. I have FedEx Shipping Labels installed with the Free Shipping w/minium amount contrib. It works just fine except that all shipments over the free ship limit are marked as "Ground" deliveries no matter if the customer's Company field is empty or not. This costs my client an extra $2 on each of those deliveries (since most are not to businesses) and he isn't happy. I can't find anything that would account for this and I'm out of ideas. Does anyone else have this combination installed? Are you having the same problem? Any ideas at all? I will check out any leads. Thanks! I believe I am using version 1.10 of the FedEx label contrib. David