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  1. neptune

    Unsold Carts Report

    Can anyone tell me how I can clear out all the unsold carts?
  2. neptune


    Greg, It works! To summarize what I've just done: 1) Tried a simple cash payment and got 1146 - Table 'whatever.TABLE_PAYPALIPN_TXN' doesn't exist select o.orders_status,p.* from orders o LEFT JOIN TABLE_PAYPALIPN_TXN p on p.item_number = o.orders_id AND o.customers_id = '5' order by o.date_purchased desc limit 1 2) Realized I have a lot of problems, probably from the other IPN module, so I took some guesses: a) re-installed the original osC database B) re-installed original account_history, checkout_success, checkout_confirmation, checkout_payment, checkout_payment_address, checkout_shipper, checkout_shipper_address, and checkout_success. c) replaced checkout_process with yours d) modified the cat/incl/pmt/paypal.php to hardcode the URL 3) Prayed, burned incense, and threw down some chicken bones 4) Tried it again and it all works! Now I just need to delete hundreds of emails I got sent to myself, reverse a lot of PayPal charges, and back it all up. Next: Email myself with the orders also, not just the customers, and then figure out how I'll do taxes and UPS shipping to send that info to PayPal. Thank you very, very much for your help. You have done an excellent job on this module and are a big help to a lot of us. - John
  3. neptune


    Greg, Thanks a lot for looking into my problems. I have replace the code as you suggested. I also looked at the code on MY checkout button and it does, as expected, give no domain name for the checkout_process.php. I'll spend the rest of the day trying to figure out all the place I need to hard-code the full URL. If I get it to work I will post my results - I know that others have had the same issue. - John
  4. neptune


    1) both lines are NONSSL in /catalog/includes/modules/payment/paypal.php 2) ENABLE_SSL is set to false in catalog/includes/configure.php 3) Both HTTPS_SERVER and HTTP_SERVER are set to my domain in catalog/includes/configure.php 4) ENABLE_SSL is set to false in /catalog/includes/functions/html_output.php 5) My host is cURL-enabled ...But I still get the same errors, along with a lot of emails. The error emails indicate: An HTTP Error occured during authentication curl= socket=tcp://domain=www.paypal.com port=80 and Connection Type curl= socket=tcp:// domain=www.paypal.com port=80 When I click the return button in PayPal to get back to my store I still get sent to http://checkout_success.php/?osC... Any new ideas to try?
  5. neptune


    I am using the latest osCommerce version and have the PayPal Shopping Cart v1.5 module installed. I am not using SSL. When I make an order from my store I get sent to PayPal to pay for it. No problem. However, when I click the return button to get back to my store I get sent to http://checkout_success.php, which obviously is a problem. I should be sent to http://www.whatever.com/catalog/checkout_success.php. Can anyone tell me what I have set up wrong? It is interesting to me that when I make the same order as a cash/check payment without using PayPal I get sent to http://www.whatever.com/catalog/checkout_success.php as I expect. This is driving me crazy! - John
  6. neptune

    Minimum Advertised Price Module Support

    This is just what I was looking for. I was also able to make changes to the Easy Populate module for the added field. I have one small problem right now: In the Admin (or with EP) I can add in a MAP price. It shows up in the database and also on the customers view. However, when I go back into the Admin and edit the product I just get a blank for the MAP price. Any idea what has gone wrong?