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  2. straka

    Header Tags SEO

    i guess index.php use a ide who check your code and show you the error lines
  3. straka


    did you upload the class.image-resize.php to includes/classes/ ? is there this file or is it missspelled in the code?
  4. straka

    Contribution Tracker

    first thanx for this contribution. I installed it yesterday on a clean osc rc2. everything works fine I added sts and seo urls and documented it with this contribution. But today I would add another contribution and go to contribution tracker in admin. Now I got this error: 1267 - Illegal mix of collations (latin2_general_ci,IMPLICIT) and (latin1_swedish_ci,COERCIBLE) for operation '=' UPDATE contrib_tracker SET status ='0', contr_last_modified = '2009-01-25 00:52:02' where contrib_name = 'OSIcommerce Pozitif Kurumsal XML ürün entegrasyonu' and last_update < '2009-01-25 00:52:02' [TEP STOP] I got no clue how to fix it at the moment, google says this is a mysql bug, but the entry date is 2004 and i use mysql 5.0.51a and using latin2 -- ISO 8859-2 Central European Now I tryed to drop the c-tracker tables and create them again. It did not change anything, someone got an idea what I should try next? edit: ok I changed to utf8, might this is not the only contribution who has problems with this
  5. straka

    Header Tags SEO

    Ok i found the failure, it was my mistake, I got a Box whos generated by information pages, there is set the info_id static, so every time i loaded the site info_id was still the same :lol: great contribution and support, thanks for all your effort, now it works perfect
  6. straka

    Header Tags SEO

    first, thanks for this great contribution, I guess that was a lot of work. until now I was using an older version of htc now I installed just to manage the information pages from (information pages unlimited contribution) and stay up to date. I use the version HeaderTags_SEO_V_3.1.0-1. After installation i tried to add a pseudo page information.php?info_id=16 and it didnt work, the information.php was recognized by the script and the titles i set there were correctly shown. so i searched within this thread and found an other person who changed this line in header_tags_seo.php: else if (($result = FileNotUsingHeaderTags($parts[0])) === 'FALSE') to else if (($result = FileNotUsingHeaderTags($parts[0])) === 'TRUE') so i changed that line. after this change i was able to add the pseudo page, and set the title, also the title is stored in the database correctly. but not in the title tag I changed the sort orders and tried a lot of combinations, no chance. after i added a second pseudo information page and set the title there, it took the changes and showed the title tag i added, but the problem is, now the title of this information page is shown on all other information pages. the root information.php has no individual titles only the pseudo pages but all pseudo pages got the same title in output, not in the database, there the titles are differrent for each page, like it should be. sorry for my bad english i hope you could understand what I mean. may someone got input for me, I use STSv4.5.8 and followed the instructions for this also I use Ultimate SEO URLs v2.6 and Information Pages Unlimited v2.04.7
  7. straka

    Information Pages Unlimited v1.0

    I am just installing this contri, I think you have to create the pages you need and delete the old ones. To delete them just remove some lines in catalog/includes/boxes/information.php '<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_SHIPPING) . '">' . BOX_INFORMATION_SHIPPING . '</a><br>' . '<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_PRIVACY) . '">' . BOX_INFORMATION_PRIVACY . '</a><br>' . '<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_CONDITIONS) . '">' . BOX_INFORMATION_CONDITIONS . '</a><br>' . etc. I got an other problem. I cannot create or edit any "Welcome Message". I have done the optional changes, step by step as described in the readme file, but there is only a cancel button. Also I tried to install the whole contribution a second time, but still only the info-sites works. Anyone got an idea where to search or what is my problem? Saw posts before some people with the same problem, did you find a solution?