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  1. Hello, I have installed this great contrib onto my osc site which uses STS contrib also. Everything seems to be fine except that the box titles at the top of the products list are not displaying properly. Instead I have: TABLE_HEADING_PRODUCTS TABLE_HEADING_PRICE TABLE_HEADING_BUY_NOW etc.. these headers are working fine in my shopping cart page but not on the main home page. They are also fine on the category pages unless there are sub categories in which case I get the 'calls' above (is that the right word? i have no idea) . in my english/index.php file the defines are there define('TABLE_HEADING_PRODUCTS', 'Product Name'); define('TABLE_HEADING_PRICE', 'Price'); define('TABLE_HEADING_BUY_NOW', 'Buy Now'); Any ideas what has happened and why they seem to work on some pages but not the top pages (home, category with sub categories)? any help muchly appreciated! jon
  2. hello, just wondering if you ever sorted this problem? The Better Product Listing contribution lets you control the display of the home page products but it isn't advised to install on a site with loads of contribs and templates apparently. My site uses STS and other contribs so am looking for another option. cheers
  3. jonsmithgraphics

    category descriptions v1.05

    Hello, I am building my first oscommerce site and slowly but surely seem to be getting there. i installed a few contribs that have messed up through installing 'category descriptions v1.05'. i had installed 'Remove Category Images' to get rid of the big image top right on category pages. this has now returned. I have also installed 'main categories on front page' to show the category images instead of the whats new etc.. boxes so i cant just delete the category images to get rid of them. does any of you very kind experts know how i can remove these images off the category pages again without ruining the category descriptions contrib? thank you in advance!! www.toywood.co.uk/catalog :)
  4. well that works for me :) thought i had uploaded it, must have got confused with what i had and hadn't done!! thanks for a top top contrib Spooks!
  5. can anyone help with suggestions into what i have done wrong - above post cheers!
  6. thanks for the contrib Spooks. it looks absolutely perfect for the 3 col product listing layout i am after. I have installed V1.8 only missing out the bits about graphical borders, short descriptions and manufacturers descriptions as i dont have these installed. I do have a few contribs and add ons on my site but none that you have mentioned such as SEO URLS etc.. my product listings are still displaying exactly as they were before install in rows of single products with the details by the side across the box. please forgive my cluelessness as i'm obviously doing something majorly wrong!! this is my first crack at oscommerce and i'm finding it a bloody steep learning curve indeed!! toywood.co.uk/catalog any help MUCH apprecitated! cheers
  7. jonsmithgraphics

    STS templete changes needed.

    http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2125 hi, i have just joined and am currently attemping to customise my forst os commerce site. I have used this contribution for the main categories on the home page. they have roll over effects with background colour and border that i do not want. when i view the source i can see the added styles for these things but dont know where to change it as it is dynamically loaded content...i think any ideas anyone? cheers!