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  1. I'm working on a Mac, so I have MAMP, but i'll give it a go on a local server, to see if at least i can see something in the pop-up area of the admin... If by any chance you remember something that might be causing the error, just give me a line, ok? Thanks so much for you time and patience. Cheers!
  2. Hello again!!! Yep, it exists! And if I click the "view html" the same error shows in the pop-up... it looks like the path to the file is somewhat wrong, but I haven't touched in any config file for sometime now and all the shop works... this is strange! Maybe is some sort of server problem... i don't have any clue... If i try the contribution locally, does it work? I can try that... Thank you so much Cord!
  3. Hello Cord, and thanks for the quick reply! probably I'm doing something wrong... I set up a free account on cronless.com, and put the link that i have in the config and add after =run&module=birthday, so i believe the cron job is created. But , in oscommerce admin, when i press the "Run mailbeez birthday" which is set to simulate, it opens a pop-up window with the error i showed in my previous post... I'm kindda lost here... Thanks!!
  4. Hello Everyone, i get this error while testing: Warning: require(/catalog/mailhive/common/functions/compatibility.php) [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /chroot/home/pitangac/pitanga.com.pt/html/catalog/mailhive.php on line 21 Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required '/catalog/mailhive/common/functions/compatibility.php' (include_path='.:/usr/share/pear:/usr/share/php') in /chroot/home/pitangac/pitanga.com.pt/html/catalog/mailhive.php on line 21 Any ideas? Thanks
  5. Hello guys... i took some time way from OPC because I was getting Basic mistakes (i think). Now i'm back to solve this once and for all... First error... I think there´s a problem with ajax, because if i change any info like updating quantities, it gives me an error and dont update, BUT if i refresh the browser, the quantity gets updated... Second error... if i do the login, i gives me an error, but if i update the page in the browser, i get logged in... Third error... I get this €312.00, in some places and the correct €312.00 in others... Any help? Cheers
  6. Hello Steve! Thanks for your reply once again. I tried the utf8_encode approach but didn't work. In what file should i replace the utf8 code for €? And did you see the problem I had in the checkout with the ajax update? Very strange, because if you change the qty, for example, it doesnt update, but if you refresh the browser it updates!!!! Any idea? Thanks
  7. Here is the link to the page here The one page checkout isn't enable in the admin, but if you had something to your cart and on the browser address you put checkout.php, you will go there and see the problem i'm facing! Thanks once again
  8. I did the all procedure again and the same error still occurs. Red the install guide, checked all the files, and still have the same problem. I'm running on a secure server, might that be the problem? And also in the price I get this: €128.00 always that strange A before the price Thanks for any help
  9. Hello there! I have a simple question that probably was already answered but i can't find where. My checkout.php loads ok, but on every field that I made a change it gives me an error message like this "There was an error updating shopping cart". The error happens in every field: updating the cart, changing the address, applying the coupon... did i forget to upload something?? Thanks!!!
  10. Hello everybody! I just installed this great One PAge Checkout, but when i'm in my store (which for now is local for testing purposes), and when i press the checkout button it doesnt show the one page checkout, but the old checkout system. I've looked in the Admin area and found nowhere a place to activate the one page checkout... any help?? Thanks! Hello Again! I just checked the database and it as the info for the one page checkout, but in the admin page it doesnt appear below Sessions, like i see in the configuration table... I'm lost...